Pie Plate

9" round
The Rada Stoneware 9” Pie Plate is your key to flaky, golden brown pie crusts!

Our stoneware pie pan absorbs heat to maintain an even baking temperature, which yields fantastic results. Say goodbye to soggy crusts and hello to pies so perfect you’ll reach for this 9 inch pie pan again and again. Whatever kind of pie you’re preparing, from apple to rhubarb to strawberry, this pan ensures that any dish is well worth the effort.

This isn’t just ideal for pies. This pan’s versatility ensures that you’ll never run out of recipes or foods in which it proves useful. This pie pan is good for baking casseroles, fish sticks, French fries, or anything else that benefits from the pan’s superior cook, courtesy of its proprietary clay mixture.

The Rada Pie Plate doesn’t just allow for the perfect bake, it saves you precious cooking time. It’s capable of going directly from your freezer to a pre-heated 400 degree oven without cracking, meaning you can prepare pies or other dishes ahead of time and bake when you’re ready.

Unlike most stoneware, this stone bakeware is dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze. The textured surface eliminates the need for cooking oil for everything other than wet batters or egg dishes, again making the cooking process one step shorter!

Impressed customers have been spreading the word about the Rada Pie Plate.

“It's a beautiful piece of stone bakeware that I am proud to set on my table in front of guests. It bakes pies evenly with a nice and flaky crust. I don't even have to extend baking times when using it,” reported one satisfied pie plate user.

“Love that this is stoneware, so I don't have to worry about spontaneous stress fracturing that can happen with glass bakeware. And the fact that it is made in the US is a HUGE plus,” said one pie plate fan.

“The crusts come out so flaky! It bakes so evenly. I've only made pies and quiche, but it has worked better than any other I have. I only wish I could afford more than one!” wrote a happy home cook in a 5-star Amazon review.

The Rada Pie Plate, like all Rada products, is proudly manufactured in the USA. It comes with a three year warranty, so you can purchase and bake with confidence! The Pie Plate and all Rada Stoneware pieces are manufactured with lead-free clay.

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