Baking Stone

15" round
The Rada 15” Baking Stone is perfect for homemade, deli, or frozen pizza and other foods like frozen French fries, cookies, biscuits, rolls, specialty breads, pretzels, and more.

Our stone baking sheet absorbs heat to maintain an even baking temperature so you can experience superior results from your recipes. Whether you’re looking for a baking stone for bread or pizza, it’s perfect for everyday use!

This baking stone does not need to be preheated. If you’re looking to prepare that perfect set of rolls, or quickly prepare a delicious baking stone pizza, Rada’s baking stoneware is just what you need.

Not only does our baking stone not need preheating, it also thrives in the cold. This round baking stone can go directly from your freezer into a 400 degree oven, meaning that you can prepare your meals in advance and simply place it into heat shortly before needed. It’s an easy and fun way to get mealtime on your schedule!

Rada Cutlery Stoneware is 100% lead-free.

Unlike most other brands of stoneware, ours is dishwasher safe! This is possible because our proprietary clay mixture and manufacturing process minimizes moisture absorption. So whether you’re cleaning it with a soapy sponge, or place it in the dishwasher, our pizza baking stone is a snap to get back in ready-to-use condition.

Whether baking an artisan pizza, scrumptious cookies, or light and fluffy biscuits, you’ll find your Rada Stoneware to be the best baking stone you could ever have. The baking stone’s versatility ensures that it will be one of the most frequently used items in your kitchen, and the Rada stone is designed with that in mind. Its textured surface produces pizzeria-style crusts, while also ensuring that you only need cooking oil for wet batters and egg dishes.

Rada Cutlery prides itself on service and creating a product that our customers are glad to use. That shows with the Rada 15” Baking Stone, as our customers have been raving about it. The baking stone’s reviews speak for themselves:

“This is the best pizza stone ever,” said one customer in a 5-star Amazon review.

“We formerly had a more expensive brand which broke after many years of use. This one is just as good and much less expensive,” said another user.

“If you want perfectly baked cookies every time, this is the answer. Wonderful item at a good price,” said a different satisfied customer in a 5-star review.

“I own an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, so believe me, I know good pizza. The pizza reheated on this pizza stone is as good as pizza freshly cooked in my ovens!” wrote another customer impressed with our baking stone’s high quality.

Our bakeware comes with a three years warranty for defects under normal and appropriate use, so you can purchase with confidence. Best of all, it’s proudly manufactured in the USA!

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Rada Cutlery knows and respects the role its products play in the lives of its customers. Products such as the baking sheet don’t just prepare food; they create the memories that make us who we are. It has a part in a tasty pizza at the center of the dinner table that brings the family together after a day apart. On top of it bake the perfect chocolate chip cookies that a proud matriarch makes for her grandchildren. It’s there when Mom or Dad shows their child how to make the perfect, flaky, golden biscuits, for a special breakfast on a holiday morning. Whatever the occasion, Rada’s baking stone will have a place.

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