Steps for a Successful Rada Fundraiser

1. Make a Plan and Set Goals

  • Determine a financial target that is both realistic and satisfies the group’s needs.
  • Pick one, two, or all three of Rada’s sales methods (catalog, event, and online). Consider your group’s locale, strengths, limitations, and other factors. Be sure to contact Rada with any questions.
  • Set checkpoints to mark progress for your fundraiser. This way you can see if your group is meeting, exceeding, or falling short of expectations. You can then adjust your fundraiser accordingly.

2. Prepare for Your Fundraiser

  • Assemble a team and meet with each member, either as a group or individually.
  • Talk to them about the fundraiser and their plans for contributing.
  • If your group is large enough, consider organizing teams. These teams could have different goals, or simply be working together to reach a greater number of supporters. If your group would appreciate it, consider offering awards or recognition for individuals and teams that hit certain goals or lead in sales.
  • Be sure that every team member understands the fundraiser and can answer customer questions.
  • Motivate your team. Emphasize all the good the fundraiser is going to do and keep a positive attitude. Do your best to make the experience not only rewarding, but fun.

3. Train Your Team

  • Some are natural salespeople, while others need to work at it. Show your group how to clearly and effectively state the group’s mission to supporters.
  • Have your team ready to discuss Rada Cutlery and their products. Be sure they know to tell supporters that Rada products are 100% American-made, as well as that the kitchen knives and cooking utensils are backed by Lifetime Guarantees. Let them know that Rada’s great value is the result of the factory working directly with fundraisers, and that their high quality comes from skilled American workers.
  • If someone decides to purchase items from you or your team, offer sincere gratitude and a clear timeline for when they are going to receive their products. Collect their information and payment. Be sure the customers receive your and your team members’ contact information in case of any questions, as well as to share with their friends and family.

4. Promote Your Fundraiser

  • Personally reach out to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else who could support your fundraiser. If they seem interested, politely ask them to help spread the word about the good your fundraiser will do, as well as the incredible Rada products that can be purchased.
  • Advertise your fundraiser. This could be through posts on social media, a community bulletin board, fliers, and online postings. Get the word out, along with your contact information in case people have any questions.
  • If you happen to know someone in the media such as a newspaper writer or radio host, or someone who has an online following, consider reaching out to them about your fundraiser. If they believe in your cause or find it newsworthy, they could help spread the word exponentially.

5. Start Your Fundraiser and Keep It Going

  • Once the fundraiser starts, keep careful track of its progress. Adjust your efforts and that of your team as necessary. Offer praise to team members who are excelling and supportive encouragement to anyone who might be falling short.
  • Keep the word out. Just because the fundraiser has started doesn’t mean you should stop advertising or telling people about it. Sometimes momentum takes time to build. Likewise, don’t take it easy just because the fundraiser gets off to a strong start. You’ll want to earn every dollar you can for your cause!

6. Conclude Your Fundraiser

  • Carefully account for all of your fundraiser’s sales and send in your customer orders. Be sure to keep perfect track of this, as supporters are more likely to buy again from the next fundraiser if they get the correct items in a timely manner.
  • If catalog orders were placed, distribute them to your supporters upon receipt. Rada’s Simple Sorted Orders, which packs the merchandise according to purchaser, will make this easy for you and your team.
  • Once every customer has received their products and the fundraiser has officially ended, take the time to thank each one of your team members. Make a list of the things each of them did well and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.
  • Write individual thank-you cards to supporters to assure them that their purchases helped a worthy cause. Afterwards, consider throwing a party to congratulate your team and celebrate the group’s success.

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