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Helpful Resources to Boost Your Sales

Catalog and Order Taker

Extra Catalogs

The first 10 each year are FREE, but always make sure you order additional catalogs as needed.

• Item CATP $0.30 each (8.5” x 11” with prices)
• Item CATH $0.30 each (8.5” x 11” with no prices)

Catalog and Order Taker

Social Media Toolbox

Download ready-to-post photos, predesigned graphics, sample text, and videos to inform your community and make it easier than ever to share your fundraiser

Catalog and Order Taker

Shop Local Map

One of the powerful tools we offer for our resellers is the opportunity to be listed as a local source for Rada Cutlery on our Shop Local Map. All our Shop Local resellers can be found on the website at Shop Local.

If you sign up, the map puts you in a position to be contacted throughout the year by people wanting to purchase Rada Cutlery products from a local source. If you’re interested in signing up, go to Shop Local Signup.

Catalog and Order Taker

Table Tent

Our free Table Tent is a great display piece, showing customers at-a-glance details about Rada Cutlery. Simply print on cardstock, fold, and display next to your knives.

Catalog and Order Taker

Express Sales

This pack is great for simplified selling – you can sell Vegetable Peelers or Regular Paring Knives in plastic tubes with rubber caps from our carrying cases.

• Item CS1 or CS21 $121.55 each
(Regular Paring Silver or Black Handles)
• Item CS2 or CS22 $150.35 each
(Vegetable Peeler Silver or Black Handles)

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Branded Decals

Make sales everywhere you go! By attaching this 12″ round, vinyl Vehicle Graphic to your vehicle, people will recognize you as a source for Rada Cutlery.

Attach the Rada Cutlery Window Cling to any smooth surface – storefront window or checkout area, for instance – to call out your Rada products. At 5″, it will fit into smaller areas where space is tight.

• Item VHG $5.00 (12″ circle)
• Item WCG $1.00 each (5″ circle)

Catalog and Order Taker

Super Saver Sign 5-Pack

Each attractive sign in this pack of 5 is designed to be eye-catching and provide multiple ways to call attention to your Rada products. In this super-saver bundle, you’ll get 3 (1-sided) signs and 2 (2-sided) signs in several sizes. 

• Item SG1 $10.00 (Pack includes 5 signs)

Emails from Email-a-Friend


Don’t miss out on a sale. Promote your business with these attention-getting posters!

• Item POS $0.75 each (22″ x 17″)
• Item POS2 $0.75 each (17″ x 22″)

Catalog and Order Taker

Home Party Order Takers

When placing orders, Guests will use the Order Taker to write in the items they wish to purchase. The chart for their Half-Price Reward is included on the form.

After the form is completed, it separates to provide the guest a receipt. Many resellers place a label with their contact information on the consultant lines so guests who may wish to host their own party can get in contact with you at a later date.

Catalog and Order Taker

Host Order Summary

The Host Order Summary gives the Host an overview of party sales and determines which reward level was reached. Once completed, this two-part form separates to provide the Host with a receipt.

Catalog and Order Taker

Plastic Bags & Price Cards

Complete the customer experience by using the Rada Cutlery Plastic Bags for their orders. (8 bundles max per order)

• Item BAG $1.50 each (25 bags/bundle)

Use our Price Cards to show your potential customers how affordable Rada Cutlery is.

• Item CARD $.11 each (3.5″ x 4.75″)

Catalog and Order Taker


This colorful indoor/outdoor banner looks great and is easy to wipe clean, thanks to its vinyl surface. Three grommets at the top provide sturdy hanging options.

• Item BAN $8.00 each (5″ x 3″)

Catalog and Order Taker

Sample Pack

The Sample Pack is a great way to introduce you to Rada Cutlery. The Sample Pack includes:

• 1 – R101 Silver Regular Paring Knife
• 1 – R126 Silver Tomato Slicer Knife
• 1 – W217 Black Handi-Stir
• 1 – Q605 Bacon Cheddar Dip Quick Mix

Item SAMF $22.80 (includes 4 items)

Catalog and Order Taker

Rada Table Runner

Drape a plain tablecloth over a table and add our Table Runner, with the Made in the USA, Lifetime Guarantee, and Rada logos displayed front and center. Now just arrange your Rada products.

• Item B31 $25.00 each (28″ x 72″)

Catalog and Order Taker

Product Shelf Cards

In this “deck” of 4″ x 3″ shelf cards, you’ll get a display card for 123 popular Rada products. Stock your shelves then attach the corresponding card so people can find the products they’re looking for.

• Item SHC $5.00 each (4″ x 3″)

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