How does it work?

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Individuals and small businesses have sold Rada Cutlery for decades. We’d love to work with YOU too. You’ll receive fantastic products and customer service because – as the manufacturer – we care about the merchandise we provide and the customers we sell it to. With the flexibility to sell in any way that works for you, selling a product you believe in is easy.

Make a Profit Selling Products You Believe in

Work directly with us to sell a familiar product with a remarkable reputation.

Why Rada Cutlery?

Individuals and small businesses have sold Rada Cutlery for decades. We’d love to work with YOU too.

Remarkable Products


100% American- Made Quality


Choose the Selling Methods that Work Best for You!

You hold the key to your own success. You decide which items to offer and where and how to sell them.

Events This includes shows, fairs, festivals, farmers’ markets, and flea markets. Any place where a large number of people gather is an opportunity to sell Rada Cutlery. The main considerations are the cost to participate, booth space rental fees, your setup (displays, inventory, signage, etc.), and your time. More Details

Catalog Similar to home parties but dealing with customers one at a time – usually family, friends, acquaintances, and word of mouth referrals. The challenge is to have enough sales volume to be able to place orders in a timely manner for your customers or to justify keeping some items on hand. More Details

In-Store By adding Rada Cutlery to the merchandise they currently offer, store owners are providing products that are not available in big box stores but have strong visual recognition and reputation. More Details

Home Parties Use the forms and materials developed and available through Rada Cutlery to help facilitate home party sales. The Rada Cutlery home party program does not resemble many other party programs. There are no quotas, down-lines, recruiting, or monthly minimums. We offer the products and materials for interested Resellers, and in turn, Resellers create an occasion to gather people and create sales. More Details

Online While Rada is no longer accepting third-party resellers, opportunities online are continually evolving for resellers. Drop shipping is not available, so this option requires the ability to fulfill orders sold online. More Details

Social Media Use the power of social media to reach a wider audience than ever before, making it possible to easily engage with new customers, expand networking, and increase sales. More Details

What Does it Take to Become a Reseller?

To set up your account, call 1-800-311-9691 (7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST, M-F)

Enthusiasm to sell great Rada products!

Ambition and the desire to make extra income!

A state-issued Resale Tax ID Number. Need one?
Find out how

Enthusiasm to sell great Rada products!

Ambition and the desire to make extra income!

A state-issued Resale Tax ID Number. Need One?
Find out how

Reseller Catalog, Easy Guide, and Order Taker Covers

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Reseller Guidelines

Rada resellers can sell Rada Cutlery™ products utilizing any channel available to them, excluding

1. It must be apparent to all that your business and Rada Mfg. Co.™ are separate entities.

You must not imply a unique relationship with Rada Mfg. Co.™ by using language such as representative, exclusive, division, wholesaler, distributor, authorized, and other similar words. The relationship is one of a reseller and be simply clarified as follows: “Your business” – Reseller of Rada Cutlery™. In addition, Rada Cutlery, Rada Knives and Rada Mfg. Co. may not be used as part of a website URL.

2. We are no longer accepting third-party Amazon resellers.

Rada Cutlery has established a preferred sellers program with select established partners; therefore, we are no longer accepting third-party Amazon resellers.

3. You are not allowed to offer fundraising programs to non-profit organizations.

The fundraising market has long been Rada Mfg. Co.’s core market. It is not possible for you to service non-profit organizations as well as Rada can and we don’t want to confuse these groups.

* Wholesale pricing is reserved for resellers only. You must provide Rada Mfg. Co. with a current copy of your state-issued Resale Tax Certificate to qualify. Rada Mfg. Co. reserves the right to discontinue selling products to anyone who misrepresents their relationship with Rada Mfg. Co. or provides inferior customer service.

Still Have Questions? Check out the Reseller Sales Center or
Give us a Call at 800-311-9691 (7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST, M-F)