Earn Profits Selling to Long-Distance Supporters

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Social Media Toolbox to Help You Sell

Download ready-to-post photos, pre-designed graphics, sample text, and even videos to inform your community make it easier than ever to share your fundraiser.

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Email-a-Friend Program

It’s the simplest way to reach supporters! With Rada’s Email-a-Friend program, leaders will invite their salespeople to enter the email addresses of their supporters.

Our system will then automatically send an email to supporters with a seller’s personalized store link.

Supporters shop. Sellers earn credit. Everyone wins.
Coming soon to the Leader Dashboard.

Fundraising Leader Dashboard

Track your fundraising success with 24/7 online sales reporting. Find your unique online group store link as well as your personalized store links for each of your salespeople.

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Getting Started

Enter your information below and Rada will create your online fundraising site within one business day! You’ll then receive an instructional email with your group’s unique URL that you share with supporters.