Fundraising Made Easy


Makes it easy to sell to friends and family, no matter where they live.

You get a unique Online Group Store Link that your supporters will use to shop via our stunning online catalog. Their orders are shipped directly to them so you won’t handle any packages, and we’ll email you a check each month for hassle-free payment.


For those who prefer a traditional face-to-face buying experience.

Orders can be submitted online, through the mail, or over the phone. Sign up for Sorted Orders and Rada will package orders per seller, making your distribution easy. Simply collect the Catalog price from your supporters, then pay us the wholesale price and keep the difference for your group (that’s your 40% profit).

Sell online, face to face, or both. It’s up to you!

Rada Makes
Online Fundraising Easy!

We Have the Tools to Help Increase Your Profits!

  • Online Group Store Links and Personal Store Links help supporters shop, and your group gets 40% of each purchase.
  • Our Social Media Toolbox is a great resource for images, sample text, printable posters, and more – perfect for sharing.
  • The Email-a-Friend program lets you easily share your fundraiser with supporters. Tell us who you want to contact and we’ll do the work for you.

Creating Interest is Simple!

  • The more you promote your fundraiser on social media, the more potential you have for profit.

Online Ordering is Easy!

  • Your supporters can browse our stunning online catalog
  • Orders are placed with a click of their mouse.

Enjoy Hands-Free Delivery!

  • Orders are shipped directly to the supporter so your sellers don’t handle any packages.

Hassle-Free Payment for Your Group!

  • You’ll receive a printable check each month, made payable to your group.

What About Catalog Sales?

✔ Geared toward those who prefer a face-to-face buying experience.

✔ Simply request a Catalog for each of your salespeople (you’ll get Order Takers too).

✔ Collect money, then send orders plus the wholesale cost of items to Rada and keep the rest (that’s your 40% profit).

✔ Free Sorted Orders Service packages your orders by seller, making distribution to salespeople convenient and easy



2021 Fundraising Catalog, Easy Guide, Order Taker, and Order Form Covers

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What Makes Rada Fundraising So Great?

Money for Your Cause

Earn 40% profit on sales!

Win-Win for Supporters

They’re spending 20% less than purchasing in retail stores, while supporting an important cause.

Promotional Tools

Free printable posters, a great
Online Store, and Social Media
Toolbox – plus much more!

Track Your Progress

Our Leader Dashboard offers
24/7 sales reporting.

Start-to-Finish Support

You have questions? We have
answers and are here to help!

Why is Rada Fundraising so successful?
People LOVE our products!

“I love my tomato knives. They cut through tomatoes and lemons with ease. I’ve already recommended them to several friends. Thanks for making a superior product!”

– Stanley W.

“This knife cuts through a
tomato like slicing butter. It
works well cutting onions,
potatoes, and most anything
you want to slice.
I recommend it 100%.”

– Charles H.

“I will never order anything
else but Rada. I always buy
them for newlyweds and give
them as housewarming gifts.
Once you own a Rada, nothing
else will do.”

– Pam D.

Still have Questions? Give us a call at 800-311-9691 (Mon-Fri 8:00-4:30 CST).

Still have questions?
Give us a call at 800-311-9691
(Mon-Fri 8:00-4:30 CST).