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40% Profit

Earn the money your group needs fast with 40% profit – BE THE HERO of your group with your next fundraiser!

Kitchen Products

Your supporters will select from 100% MADE IN THE USA cooking utensils, quick mixes, and cutlery gift sets.

We Make it easy

We have developed a process for leaders like you to make this fundraiser YOUR BEST ONE YET!

Catalog Fundraising with us is simple!


1. Show Catalog & Collect Orders

Your members will share the catalog with their FRIENDS, FAMILY, and the COMMUNITY.


You can order with our “Pre-Sorted” option to have your products SORTED BY SALESPERSON

3. Distribute the Products

Your group members DELIVER THE PRODUCTS to their customers.

Leaders Love Rada Fundraising!


“Rada has been an extremely good fundraiser for us. We’ve already had customers ask when we are going to do another.”
– Carol

Perryville Elementary, KY


“I LOVE that they are made in the USA and I have NEVER been disappointed with the quality of any of the items I have used.”
– Tanya

Girl Scout Troop #50841, MI


“I think Rada products sell themselves! Everyone in my family loves them and my entire church uses Rada Cutlery knives.”
– Linda

Widow Ministries Danville, WV


“We did a fundraiser several years ago and were very pleased with the products, service and the profit that we made.”
– Penny

Grey’s Baptist Church WMU, NC

Start Earning Fundraising Profits

Catalog Fundraising FAQs

1. How do we start our catalog fundraiser?

Simply order the number of catalogs and order forms you’ll need for your salespeople.

2. Is there a time limit on how long we can run our fundraiser?

No. You decide when to start and how long you want to sell.

3. How often can we place a group order?
As often as you wish! The minimum order is only $20.00 of wholesale items purchased.
4. How do we get paid for our catalog sales?
You collect money when taking orders. Your supporters pay the price listed in the catalog and you pay the cost each price listed on the Order From (the difference is your 40% profit).
5. How much do we need to purchase to start our fundraiser?
No purchase is necessary. Once your group sells and collects money for orders, you’ll place your group order with Rada, paying for the product at that time.
6. Do supporters pay shipping on their catalog orders?
Supporters are not charged for shipping; however, a $.50 processing charge is added to each order to help offset the cost of shipping the group order.
7. Do we have to use online fundraising or can we just sell using the catalog?
You can choose each option alone or both at the same time. The choice is yours!
8. Does Rada charge groups sales tax?
We do not charge fundraising groups state or federal taxes.

Products that are Loved by Supporters

The customers of your fundraiser will have only great things to say about their purchases!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Verified)

“I don’t believe there is another knife on the market that stays sharp as long as these knives.”



★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Verified)

“My Rada products are the best out there! I will never buy anything but RADA Cutlery!”

Vicki S. – IOWA


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Verified)

“They work and look great! I am so happy I was able to get such good knives for a low price! :)”

Kaylee S. – MISSOURI


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Verified)

“I love cooking more because of these knives. They cut so beautifully, I love all of them!”


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