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Your Group Needs a Fundraiser?

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Your Fundraiser Success Plan


Simple Sales System


Superior Products


Leader Plan

Step 1 — Simple Sales System

Show the Catalog

Your Group Members will share the catalog with their friends, family and neighbors.

Take Orders

Your Supporters will browse the catalog and record their purchases on the order taker.

Place the Order

You as the Leader will combine all of the orders and place it with Rada Mfg. Co.

Step 2 — Superior Products

Remarkable Selection

Kitchen Knives, Cooking Utensils, Cutlery Gift Sets, Quick Mixes, and More.

Lifetime Guarantee

100% Made in the USA since 1948!

Factory Direct Pricing

Your customers get a great deal when purchasing to help your cause.

Step 3 — Leader Plan

Leader Launch Plan

  1. Request the information packet to review with your group members to get agreement to start your fundraiser.
  2. Order catalogs for all of the members in your group who will be helping with the fundraiser. Be sure to brief them on why Rada Cutlery was chosen.
  3. Distribute Catalogs and be sure to brief them on why Rada Cutlery was chosen.
  4. Promote your fundraiser to community. Consider also running our Internet Fundraiser option for out of town friends and family.

Leader Ordering Plan

  1. Collect orders from your group members at the agreed upon date.
  2. Place your order with Rada Mfg. Co. We suggest using the free online sorted order option. This allows you to enter and balance each seller’s order with receipts. We will pack orders by salesperson so it is easy to distribute.
  3. Check-in the order when received and then hand the products out to our group members to distribute.

Fundraising Leaders Say

“RADA has been an extremely good fundraiser for us. We’ve already had some customers ask when we are going to do another.” Carol, Perryville Elementary School, KY “I think it sells itself! My whole family loves it and my entire church uses Rada knives.” Linda, Widow Minitries, Danville, WV

We Are Here To Help You!

Real Customer Service

We take pride in taking care of you. Our Customer Service is staffed with experienced professionals who enjoy helping are always ready to answer your questions. Call 1-800-311-9691.

Let’s Get Started

You can lead your group’s best fundraiser ever!

Fundraising Shouldn’t Be Hard

We know that organizing a fundraiser can be challenging if you pick the wrong program.

It’s not the fundraising leader’s fault that most fundraising products are high priced but low quality!

Rada Cutlery Fundraisers are Different!

Happy Customers

Your supporters will appreciate the tremendous value they recieve from items they are truly excited to buy!

Easy & Profitable

Your Group is guaranteed a 40% fundraiser profit using our easy to lead fundraising program.

Proven Track Record

You will be partnering with a company who has 70 years of fundraising experience.

We help leaders like you from groups of all sizes raise money to fund their cause (schools, teams, clubs, churches and youth groups, and more).

Fundraiser Starter Packet

Request your free packet with the Fundraising Catalog, Order Taker Form, Order Form and Leader’s EASY Guide.


Customer Comments

“We did a fundraiser several years ago and were very pleased with the products, the service and the profit that we made to help our missions work. You have a wonderful product that everyone loves and uses on an almost daily basis.” Penny, Gray’s Baptist Church WMU, NC “I’ve received Rada gifts and have also received them. I LOVE that they’re made in the USA and have NEVER been dissapointed with the quality or functionality of any of the items I’ve used. With that, I say, thank you for a great ’Made in America’ product!” Tanya, Girl Scout Troop #50841, MI

Supporting Volunteers

We will gladly answer any questions you may have — we are here to assist you and do anything we can to help you succeed!

Call Customer Serivce at 1-800-311-9691 or email at

Fundraising Feedback

“I did this as a fundraiser to send my daughter to DC for training. I LOVE RADA! and think it would help with a constant income for the Autism Society of Alaska – Soldotna.” Jerri Braun, Autism Society, AK “Our youth are attending a national youth gathering in New Orleans in July and we are interested in doing a fundraiser with your items. Our ladies did this a while ago and it was very successful.” Nancy, Prince of Peace Youth Group, AL

Helping Fund Raisers since 1948!