Non-Scratch Spoon w/holes

Bowl 2 1/2" wide, 3" long and 1/2" deep, overall 11 3/4
The Rada Non-Scratch Spoon with Holes is a utensil that will quickly become one of the most used tools in your kitchen.

One of our newest and most popular items, this non-scratch spoon is ideal for both cooking and serving. It’s made from a non-scratch, heat resistant material, ensuring it won’t damage your pans. The bowl of the spoon features holes that allow liquids to drain, which makes it not only great for cooking, but unbeatable at serving foods such as fruits and vegetables. Whether you’re using it as a cooking spoon or serving spoon, you’ll never run out of uses for it!

It’s designed with a sturdy metal stem for reliable balance, while the oval handle has a thumb spot for an easy grip, making the Non-Scratch Spoon a pleasure to use. Try this while cooking and serving asparagus, broccoli, corn, sauerkraut, and much more!

Those who have used the Non-Scratch Spoon with Holes agree that it’s one of their most useful, handy utensils.

“It has pretty good heat resistance, as it’s been used to cooking purposes on a cast iron skillet with no damage. Additionally it can be used on Teflon or with other cookware/serving ware that needs special attention,” wrote one home cook of the Non-Scratch Spoon with Holes.  “The best part, however, is the flow-through rate of the slotted spoon. The holes are just the right size for speedy liquid drain off, usually most spoons have decorative holes or slots that are not that functional. I also like that this item is made in the USA.”

“I have been looking for a slotted flat end spoon like this one for years to cut up hamburger while cooking. The flat end does the job GREAT! Very surdy and a lifetime warranty made me buy two. Yay!!!!” raved another in a 5-star Amazon review.

The Rada Non-Scratch Spoon with Holes, like all Rada cutlery and utensils, is made in the USA, and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

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