Granny Fork

Silver or Black handle. Tine 4", overall 7 3/4"
No kitchen is complete with the Rada Granny Fork, a handy utensil you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again!

This 7 ¾’s inches, stainless steel fork has a versatility that’s hard to beat. It’s sharp, pointed tines are perfect for picking up and serving olives and pickles, as well as appetizers such as bacon-wrapped asparagus or jalapeno poppers, making it a must-have serving utensils for picnics and barbecues.

It also makes an ideal cooking fork. Use it to turn foods while cooking, or to hold meats in place while you carve. Whether you’re using it to serve, pierce, hold, stir, or something else, it’s easy to find a use for the Granny Fork because there are so many!

Our customers agree that the Granny Fork is one of the best kitchen utensils they own.

“I can't cook without it!,” reported one cook of the Granny Fork. “I ordered two more so I can get through the preparation of a long meal.”

“This is made very well and for the price is of great quality. It is especially nice that it is made in the USA! I would strongly recommend purchasing this fork,” said another.

“Love it for lightly beating eggs, testing taters for doneness and removing them from the pot, turning pork chops, all the stuff my granny and mom used it for. Really nice price for a nostalgic and versatile utensil!” raved one Granny Fork user in a 5-star Amazon review

The Granny Fork, like all Rada Cutlery items, is proudly manufactured in the USA. Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has produced America’s finest kitchen utensils and cookware while keeping our prices low. We cut out the middlemen, working directly with customers, resellers, and fundraisers to ensure that our products remain affordable and accessible so that as many cooks as possible can have a superior kitchen experience.

The Granny Fork comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can purchase and use with confidence!

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