24" tall, 19" wide, two 25" ties
Ask any cook, from the novice to a master chef, and they’ll tell you the same thing: Cooking is messy. But you don’t have to worry about staying clean with the Rada Cutlery Apron!

This superior kitchen apron is made of a durable poly cotton blend that ensures it will keep your clothes free of stains for years to come. At the bottom are two handy pockets for convenient storage of kitchen utensils or ingredients. At 24” tall and 19” wide, the apron will easily protect your clothing from the splashes and spills that come with preparing your favorite meals!

The Rada Apron, like all Rada products, is made entirely in the USA!

This is more than a cooking apron, but also a useful way for those who sell Rada Cutlery to advertise their products. From individual sellers to small businesses to retailers, Rada is available for sale across the country. Those wearing the apron signify to others that they proudly offer Rada for sale!

Visit our resellers website for information on how to get in the Rada business!

But there’s more than one way to sell Rada. We also offer our extensive catalog to fundraisers looking to bring in money for their worthy cause. Tens of thousands of fundraisers, including schools, churches, charities, youth groups, and civic clubs meet their financial goals ever year fundraising with Rada.

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