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The Most Popular Kitchen Utensils

Rada Cutlery isn’t just renowned for its unbeatable kitchen knives. We also manufacture a wide range of remarkable kitchen utensils that fulfills countless culinary needs, from keeping your cutlery razor sharp to serving the perfect scoop of ice cream. If you can think of it, Rada has the best kitchen utensil for you!

Below is a listing of a number of our most popular kitchen utensils, covering a wide range of applications. Take a look at what we offer and see what Rada products will improve your cooking experience!

Knife Sharpener – The Rada Knife Sharpener is one of our most innovative, popular products. Its simple but effective design allows you to easily keep your cutlery in razor-sharp shape, ensuring the best possible cuts and a lengthy lifespan from your knives.

Serverspoon – You’ll forget all about plastic when you try this spatula out in the kitchen. Constructed from stainless steel, the face is open for optimum mixing, with an edge that efficiently scrapes and cuts. It can be utilized for nearly any recipe!

Serrated Pie Server – This stainless steel pie server features a wide, serrated edge that makes it great at cutting and serving. Use it on pies, cakes, pizza, quiches, and more!

Mini Server – Try this small spatula to get the perfect serve! This features a sturdy ridge for added stability, and an angled faced that makes it your best bet for serving from casserole pans or cake sheets. Also use for bars, brownies, cakes, cobblers, and pies!

Pizza Cutter – Look no further for the world’s best pizza cutter, because you’ve found it! The Rada Pizza Cutter is a classically designed utensil whose 3” blade easily cuts pizza, bread dough, cookies, and more.

Ice Cream Scoop – We’re often told by Rada fans that this is the best ice cream scoop they’ve ever used. It features a large bowl with a stub nose that easily wedges into even hard frozen ice cream. Couple that with its stainless steel construction and you won’t ever need another ice cream scoop again!

Cheese Knife – The Rada Cheese Knife is the best cheese knife on the market. Its innovative design features serrated blades to cut both soft and hard cheeses, as well as a ridge that gently separates cut cheese. It also has a forked end for serving, making this a cheese lover’s dream come true!

Party Spreader – The Rada Party Spreader is the best way to spread condiments, frosting, and more! Use it for cheeseballs, jams, mustards, and any other food that needs spreading.

Handi-Stir – The Rada Handi-stir is a wire whisk with a design that ensures the best possible cooking results! Its unique style allows the whisk to reach bottoms and corners of pans for maximum mixing contact, making it ideal for any recipe that requires mixing.

Vegetable Peeler –This handy tool easily peels vegetables, fruits, and more! Its innovative design also makes it suitable for left and right-handed cooks.

Plain Food Chopper – The Rada Plain Food Chopper is a simple, easy-to-use tool that takes significant effort out of chopping. You’ll be surprised at its versatility; use it to chop meats, fruits, and vegetables, to make biscuits and cookies from dough, to shape flawless slider hamburger patties, and more!

Carving Fork – This 9 ½” carving fork is what you’ll want when proudly serving meat at the dinner table. The stainless steel tines easily hold meat such as roasts and turkey when you’re serving, but it’s also useful for turning meat while cooking.

Cook’s Spoon w/holes – Whether you’re cooking or serving, this large spoon is the utensil for you! Holes in the spoon drain liquid for serving fruits, as well as when preparing pasta.

Non-Scratch Spatula –This large spatula is great for cooking with protective coated cookware and stainless steel pans alike. It won’t damage your non-stick pans, while it’s perfectly suited to cook eggs, hamburgers, pancakes, and more.

Non-Scratch Soup Ladle – Our soup ladle won’t damage your non-stick pans and features a 1/3 cup capacity for superior portion control. Use it to serve your favorite soups, stews, and more!

Cutting Board – Nearly every meal preparation can utilize this flexible cutting board. It’s both flexible and durable, and you can use it as a handy funnel for your ingredients.

Grip Clips – Keep your bagged foods fresh with these grip clips. Simple use them on any bag that contains food such as bread, crackers, or frozen French fries to get the most out of your grocery buck!

Pan Scraper – This nylon food scraper easily removes even the toughest resides from dishes and pans. Each scraper features three sizes of rounded edges to ensure that any dish is perfectly cleaned!

All of Rada’s products are proudly made in the USA. Most utensils come with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can confidently purchase and use them!

Check out this video to hear employee interviews and see footage from the factory floor that will help you learn how Rada’s process makes our kitchen utensils the best you can find!

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(7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST, M-F)