Ham Slicer

Silver or Black handle. Blade 9 ½", overall 13 ⅞"
The Rada Ham Slicer Knife is certain to be one of the best, most used tools in your kitchen.

This versatile knife features a 9 ½-inch blade, the longest we make at Rada Mfg. Co. The blade easily slices through larger meats such as hams, loins, and roasts. But the long blade, which is constructed of surgical-quality steel and hand-sharpened for a razor edge, has uses far beyond simply slicing your favorite meats. It also comes in handy with large foods such as cakes, melons, and more! Many users readily proclaim it the best slicer knife they have ever used.

Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has been producing the country’s premier cutlery and kitchen utensils. Our products are manufactured entirely in the USA, ensuring that each is the result of both superior American innovation and workmanship.

Retailers and small sellers across the country have long sold Rada Cutlery at stores, trade shows, and more.

Rada Cutlery isn’t just available through retailers across the country. Rada is also the best choice for fundraising groups, who sell our products to raise money for a vast array of worthy causes. We hear daily from customers wowed by not only the outstanding quality of our cutlery, kitchen utensils, and bakeware, but from fundraisers grateful to have met their goals thanks to Rada.

Fundraising is a snap with Rada, courtesy of our renowned customer service, superlative cutlery, and incredible value. Organizations including schools, churches, civic groups, charities, and more have met and even exceeded their fundraising goals by choosing Rada.

If your non-profit group would like more information on fundraising with Rada Cutlery, visit us here.

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