Peeling Paring

Silver or black handle. Blade 2½", overall 6⅛"
The Peeling Paring knife is the best tool you can find for effortless peeling of fruits and vegetables.

This paring knife is specially designed for peeling, with a short blade length that makes it easy to control as you remove the skin from an array of foods. It is often preferred by cooks who appreciate that its blade makes it ideal for use on the sort of foods you hold while cutting.

The finesse allowed by this small paring knife means that it will be your go-to blade for preparing garnishes and other cutting that requires great attention to detail. So when searching for the perfect knife to create lemon crowns, carrot flowers, radish rose, or other beautiful garnishes, the Peeling Paring knife is the clear choice.

Rada prides itself on producing superior cutlery at a high value, and those who use the Peeling Paring knife agree that we’ve succeeded.

“I needed to replace my favorite paring knife,” said one customer.  “This knife has been perfect. It's sharp, light-weight, and very easy to use. Very happy with my purchase.”

“Rada knives are the best paring and peeling knives I have ever owned,” raved another customer in a 5-star Amazon review. “I have small hands and they make preparing food easy for me.”

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The Peeling Paring knife, like all Rada products, is proudly made in the USA. It comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can purchase secure in the knowledge that it will be part of your kitchen for years to come.

Watch this video of the Rada Mfg. Co. factory floor with employee interviews to better understand the care and commitment that makes Rada Cutlery so remarkable!

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