Your Seller Starter Packet!

Thousands of event sellers, owner-operated stores, home party sellers and home sales individuals choose to sell Rada Cutlery each year and we are excited to work with you too! Your complimentary introduction packet will include our full-color selling Reseller Catalogs, the Order Form, and a step-by-step Reselling Made EASY Guide.


Our catalog is designed to make it easy for your customers to browse and make their selections. With 32 pages of products, you customers will be able to see all of the items in full color and portrayed with the foods they are best suited. The prices are listed in $.10 increments for easy adding (we also offer a half size catalog without printed prices).

We also offer a smaller 5.5" by 8.5" catalog that does not include any prices. Samples of both catalogs are provided when requesting information.

New catalogs are available each year on August 1st. This is when any new items are introduced and any pricing adjustments are made.

Reseller Guide

Get started selling Rada Cutlery with this step-by-step Reselling Made Easy Guide. This brochure will get you up to speed so you can get started selling Rada Cutlery!

Order Form

The wholesale prices are included on the Order Form. You can mail in your order using the Order Form but it is more common for orders to be placed online (you need to set-up an account) or by telephone.

Sales Tax ID Number

If you do not already have a sales tax number (EIN number), you will need to have one to place your first order (to show you are a business and to get wholesale pricing as a Reseller).

You can find information about applying for your Sales Tax Permit by clicking this link and then choose your state:

Please call customer service at 1-800-311-9691 should you have any questions.

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