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You’re a Free Agent!

There are no long term commitments, terms or contracts when selling Rada Cutlery products. There are no monthly/annual ordering requirements, no schedules, meetings or obligations. The only requirements are a sales tax ID number and a minimum order of $75.


As a Rada Cutlery Reseller, you can choose any or all of the five selling options.


Many Resellers choose to set up at events such as fairs, community celebrations, bazaars, shows, flea markets or farmers markets — basically any venue that attracts enough people to justify the time and expense to set up a display to sell Rada Cutlery. Sometimes these events are once a year and sometimes they may be once a week or month. You will find that people recognize Rada Cutlery and people who own Rada knives will be telling complete strangers how great they are!

Common Selling Materials used by Event Resellers: Table Top Display Box, Display Boxes, Table Runner, Banner, Poster, Price Cards, Plastic Bags, Express Sales, Rada T-Shirts, and Car Magnet.


Owner-operated stores of all types set up Rada Cutlery displays for their customers. Rada Cutlery products are a wonderful complement for almost any type of retail store such as gift shops, hardware stores, general stores, bakeries/cafes as well as local grocery stores. Other shops selling Rada knives include flower shops, bridal shops, and bait & tackle — basically any store whose customers appreciate high quality Made in the USA products at a remarkable value.

Common Selling Materials used by Store Resellers: Table Top Display Box, Display Boxes, Table Runner, Banner, Poster, Price Cards, Plastic Bags, and Express Sales.

Catalog & Home Sales

There is a long tradition of enterprising individuals who sell Rada Cutlery to people in their communities via friends, family, acquaintances and word of mouth. Sometimes they only take orders and other times they will have a display set up in their home and keep some inventory of best sellers. Rada Mfg. Co.’s minimum order of only $75 makes this type of business feasible. Some of these folks also do some event sales and/or some home parties.

Common Selling Materials used by Catalog & Home Sales Resellers: Catalogs, Home Party Order Takers, Demonstrator Case, Plastic Bags, Rada T-Shirts, and Car Magnet.

Home Parties

The Rada Home Party system was developed to give Resellers another opportunity to sell Rada Cutlery products. The system differs from most home party programs as there are no quotas, pressure to recruit or large buy-in for a sample kit. Simply purchase the forms you need ($10 will get you started) plus samples to use and show during the party.

The power of home parties is that your host helps you gather potential customers and earns free products based on the party sales. More information is available at or in the Reselling Made EASY with Rada Mfg. Co. guide.

Common Selling Materials used by Home Party Resellers: Catalogs, Home Party Order Takers, Invitations, Recipe Selection Guide, Host Order Summary, Demonstrator Case, Plastic Bags, Rada T-Shirts, Table Runner, Price Cards, and Car Magnet.

Online Sales

Many products are being sold via various platforms on the internet and Rada Cutlery is no exception. Rada Mfg. Co. supports internet sellers with quality products and service but does not drop ship to your customers.

Common Selling Materials used by Internet Resellers: Rada CD and Rada DVD.

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Rada Cutlery products are 100% Made in the USA. Orders are processed and shipped from our factory in Waverly, Iowa. Our customer service representatives answer the phone from the same facility. Our system is set up so 99% of our orders ship out in two working days.

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All the Rada Cutlery products found on this web site are available for you to purchase wholesale and offer your customers. You are the only level between the factory and your customer. This system provides you a unique opportunity to grow your business.
Place your orders in the way that is easiest for you!

Phone Orders

Call 1-800-311-9691 or (319-352-5454) and our friendly customer service agents will take your order from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Please have a credit or debit card with you at the time you place your order, or we can send COD (additional charges apply).

Mail Orders

Send order by mail with payment of check, credit card or money order to:
Rada Mfg. Co.
PO Box 838
Waverly, IA 50677

Note: Mail orders are entered into our system the day they are received, so don’t forget to consider postal system travel time when anticipating your orders’ arrival. Also, an order paid with a personal check may be held up to 14 days to clear.

Fax Orders

You can fax orders 24 hours a day to 1-800-311-9623 (or 319-352-0770). Please include payment with a credit or debit card at the time you place your fax order, or we can send COD (additional charges apply).

Note: Most fax orders are entered into our system the day they are received. Don’t forget to double check that your information is complete before faxing in your orders. Unfortunately, incomplete information will cause delays in completing the order.

Online Orders

With a quick call to customer service, we can set your online account for easy ordering. Orders may be placed 24 hours a day at We process web orders continually throughout the working day, so this is often the fastest and most convenient way to place orders.

Order Timing

We proudly ship out 99% of our orders within two working days upon receipt of your order. Orders are shipped from our factory in Waverly, Iowa via UPS, FedEx, and US Mail based on size. If you provide us with your email address, you will be notifed when your order is shipped and also receive your tracking number.

Two timing considerations:

  1. Peak holiday order processing may take up to two extra days.
  2. Adverse weather can affect when we receive your mail orders and outbound shipments.

Order Check-In

Upon receiving your order, you will want to locate the Invoice/Packing slip and confirm all of the items are received. If any discrepancies are found, you will need to contact Rada Customer Service at 1-800-311-9691.

Sorting and delivering your orders is easy and safe! Each individual knife has a protective sleeve on the blade and along with the utensils are placed in a sealed plastic bag with the item number and product name printed on the bag.

You can choose to use any or all of these Sales Boosters to help promote your business!


Shop Local

Plastic Bags


Price Card

Table Runner

Express Sales


Display Boxes

Tabletop Display Box

Car Magnet

Rada Image CD & Video DVD

Demonstrator Case

Rada T-Shirts

Host Order Summary

Home Party Order Takers

Answers to the questions asked the most often to our customer service representatives (grouped by theme).

What is a Reseller?

A: Reseller is a company or individual that purchases Rada Cutlery products at wholesale prices with the intention of selling them for a profit.

The Reseller program is different than the Fundraising program where non-profit groups (churches, school, clubs, teams, etc) raise money to fund their projects and programs. For more information about Rada Cutlery fundraising, click here.

What are my commitments to sell Rada Cutlery?

A: There are no commitments, terms or contracts when selling Rada Cutlery products. There are no monthly ordering requirements, no schedules, meetings or obligations. We only require a minimum order of $75 per order and you place orders per your business needs, regardless if it is once a week, once a month or once a year!

How do I get information on being a reseller?

A: Simply click on the Request Catalog button or call our friendly customer service team at 1-800-311-9691 and we will send you a catalog, order form and the Reselling Made EASY guide. This information is free with no obligations or start up fees.

What do I need to get started?

A: A sales tax number (EIN number) is required with your first order. Also depending on how you are selling, you may also need extra catalogs. You can request 10 free catalogs per year. Our low minimum order requirement of $75 makes it easy for you start selling Rada Cutlery. There is no investment needed other than the money you spend on your first order of products that you can sell. This differs from many other small business opportunities.

What is a sales tax ID number?

A: A sales tax is a tax paid to a governing body for the sales of certain goods and services. Usually laws require the seller to collect funds for the tax from the consumer at the point of purchase. We require Resellers to provide us a copy of their sales tax ID number.

How do I get a sales tax ID number?

A: You can find information about applying for your Sales Tax Permit by clicking this link and then choose your state: Sales Tax Permit.

Do I add sales tax to the items?

A: Consult with your tax preparer or local court house for clarification. Typically, if you are selling in the state that you reside, you will add and collect your states current sales tax rate (if applicable). You will file and pay the sales tax amount you collected to your state (not to Rada Mfg. Co.).

Is there a minimum order requirement?

A: Yes. The minimum amount per order is $75.00 your cost. This makes it easy for you to get started without investing a lot of money.

What does the Lifetime Guarantee mean?

A: Rada will replace any product manufactured by our company returned to us due to defects in material or workmanship.

What does 100% Made in USA mean?

A: Rada products are proudly made in the USA — materials and workmanship.

What if someone returns a defective item?

A: You can either choose to replace the defective item for your customer, return it to Rada and then it will be replaced and sent back to you at no charge. Or you can ask your customer to return the item to Rada Mfg. Co. and provide them the address to do so.

How much profit will I make?

A: You are welcome to price Rada Products to meet your expected profit goals. We offer all our products at wholesale and let you determine your mark-up OR we offer a Home Party option with a suggested retail price included in which you would earn approximately a 50% profit as a Reseller (minus selling expenses) and approximately 38% to 44% as a Home Party Consultant (after host gifts).

How do I earn a discount?

A: You may earn an Annual Purchase Volume Discount based on your annual purchases between August 1 and July 31 of the previous years. This discount is applied to each order, no matter how small or large ($75 minimum still applies).

How much do I have to sell to earn a discount?

A: See chart below:

Previous Year Annual Purchases (8/1-7/31)Volume Discount
$1,000.01 to $3,000.002%
$3,000.01 to $6,000.004%
$6,000.01 to $10,000.006%
$10,000.01 to $15,000.008%
$15,000.01 and Above10%

Where can I sell?

A: You are welcome to sell at any event, fair, flea market, community event etc. as long as you meet the local city and state requirements. Some venues require pre-registration and charge a booth rent or fee. Some cities require a vendor license or selling permits. Please inquire with the local city government or event office before you begin selling.

What are the different ways to sell?

  1. Sell from the catalog to friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances etc. Increase your sales even more when you have the Demonstrator Case available for people to see and feel the products they wish to purchase.
  2. Sell Rada Products as a Consultant. Home Parties are a fun way to create a gathering of people for you to educate about Rada Cutlery and help them place orders with you.
  3. Set up a table or booth at a flea market, fair, bazaar, community celebration or a farmers market.
  4. Sell them in your store or market. Rada Products fit into almost any retail store such as gift shops, grocery stores, bridal shops, bakeries and general stores.
  5. Sell via the internet. Create your own website or add the product line to an existing web site you own.
  6. Sell from your home (make sure this meets your city’s zoning codes). Keep a supply of Rada Products on hand and have an area in your home or garage designated for Rada Sales. You could even set up a display in the trunk of your car!

What are some tips and ideas for selling at an event?

  1. Always SMILE when customers approach the flea market table and greet them with a friendly hello and engage them in conversation.
  2. Always cover the display table with a solid color cloth. Printed cloths distract the customers from the items offered.
  3. Because event tables are flat, add height by using boxes underneath the tablecloth or drape a cloth over them to add height which brings the customers attention upwards to your smiling face.
  4. It is a good idea to invest in a pop up shelter (if an outdoor sale) as well as some good folding chairs.
  5. Select the same booth location so the regular customers can easily locate the table.
  6. Set an extra folding chair or two near the front of your booth as an invitation for tired or elderly buyers to have a seat and rest. This type of customer service will go a long way toward encouraging sales.
  7. If a customer is engaging in a long conversation but there are others customers at the table, politely transition the conversation to attend to the new customers.
  8. Cleanliness sells. Be prepared with soft cloths and dusting materials to wipe and shine the items for sale.
  9. Have plenty of extra change available for instances of someone using a large bill to make a purchase.
  10. Make sure you are well groomed and the most important is, have clean hands always.
  11. Use price cards to make the flea market table more consistent and priced for the customers easy identification. Make sure the cards are clean, bright and new looking. Replace them if they are worn out.
  12. Design the flea market table to be as appealing as possible so that customers will appreciate the professional look.
  13. Keep your table well stocked. An empty booth and sparse tables will turn potential buyers away.
  14. Set up your table at the ends of the rows for the most visibility and as close to the entrance as possible. This will ensure that buyers entering will see your booth first, and then again when they are leaving.
  15. Keep walkways around your event table free from debris to allow customers free access to view products.
  16. When someone picks up an item use that as an invitation to pursue a sale.
  17. Encourage customers to touch the merchandise because a touching customer most likely will purchase the item. Consider providing fruits or vegetables so people can experience firsthand the sharpness.
  18. Consider pricing items to entice customers to purchase more than one item such as offering multiple purchase discounts.
  19. Be willing and ready to encourage and accept offers. Never have “firm” prices. Sometimes offering a discount will help build good customer relations.
  20. Know your items. Be willing and able to answer any questions your customers may have. Being willing to share information will go a long way on closing a deal.
  21. Always thank your customer for their business and give them a business card for repeat ordering. Business cards may be ordered at (Login: Rada; Password: bcards).
  22. Always be on friendly terms with the owner/manager of the event.

What is a Rada Home Party?

A: Home Parties are a fun way to host a gathering of people to make recipes and sell Rada Products. The key to a successful Home Party business is your ability to sign up new hosts at each party to have another party. The friends of each host will be your future customers and the host will earn free and discounted merchandise.

What do I need to do at a Home Party?

A: Your main selling tool will be the Rada Cutlery catalog. Your Host will use it to take outside orders and the Guest will use it during the Party. Always keep an adequate supply of catalogs. Other materials are also available, including: invitations to invite guest to the party, a recipe selection guide in which the Hosts can choose recipes for their guests to enjoy as well as the Home Party Order Takers and the Host Order Summary form.

What is my profit margin on Home Parties?

A: Your profit is approximately 38% to 44% for the Host and Guest.

What does the Host of a party earn?

A: The host rewards chart is below:

Host Free Items and Discount
Regular Party SalesHost Free Items (per catalog prices)Additional Purchases Discount
*Regular party sales over $1,000 earns 25% free items for the host.

What do the guests that come to the party earn?

A: The Rada Home Party system is unique from other companies because we offer the guests opportunities to buy items at half price according to the regular price purchases. This offers an incentive to encourage them to order more items, which in turn increases your profit. See chart below:

Guest Half-Price Reward
Regular PricePurchases Half-Price Reward
$40 - $751 knife OR utensil (R or W item numbers)
$75.01 - $1102 total knives OR utensils (R or W item numbers)
$110.01+3 total knives OR utensils (R or W item numbers)

How can I offer free and discounted items?

A: Home Parties are only possible because Hosts are willing to have a party in their home or have a catalog party. To encourage Hosts to do parties, you will offer them free and discounted Rada Cutlery. These free and discounted items will reduce your profit – but without the Host you will not have the opportunity to receive the additional party orders. You will break even when you offer Guest half price items but this is a great incentive for the Guests to place a larger order.

What happens at a Rada Home Party?

A: As a Rada Home Party Consultant you will encourage someone to Host a party in their home or place of their choosing. You and the Host will choose a date and time for the Home Party Event. You or the Host will then send out invitations usually a week or two before the party. You will also want to decide on a recipe or two that will be made either during the party or before. We suggest using a Rada Quick Mix or a recipe using a Rada Quick Mix to encourage more Quick Mix purchases during the party. When the guests arrive you will show and tell the Rada products and maybe even have the Guests cut and chop items for the recipe you and the Host selected. Guests will appreciate being able to use the actual products that they may be purchasing. You will then have the Guest fill out an Order Taker and half price selections, if they qualify, and submit them to you. You will either fill the order with items you have on hand or compile the orders for later delivery. After the Guest leave you will figure the Host rewards and additional discounts. You will then submit your order and distribute it when received.

What if I need additional forms?

A: The Order Taker (if you do not need the copy/receipt) and Host Order Summary are available for you to print yourself by clicking this link (enter link here)

How can I place my order?

A: Mail it!

Rada Mfg. Co.
PO Box 838
Waverly, IA 50677

Hint: make sure all shipping information and payment information is complete!

Phone it!

Call 1-800-311-9691

Hint: have your method of payment handy!

Place it Online! At

If you have not ordered online before, please call customer service at 1-800-311-9691 to obtain a Customer Number and password!

Fax it!

Send to 1-800-311-9623

Helpful Hints when ordering by Fax:

  • Make a copy of the original order form. A handwritten order is acceptable if it is legible. DO NOT USE PENCIL!
  • Number each page so we are certain we successfully received every page!
  • Make sure all information is complete:
    • Name
    • Shipping Address
    • Phone Number
    • Payment Information
  • Your order may be delayed if missing any of this information!

Do I pay when I place my order or will you bill me?

A: Rada operates on a “Cash with Order” system. We will only ship pre-paid orders. You may submit payment by:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Check (not available outside of the United States)
  • Money Order or Cashiers Check

How much do I pay for shipping the order?

A: The shipping charges are based on the total amount (wholesale price) of the order. See chart below:

Continental U.S.Canada UPS**Canada Parcel Post
* Alaska, Hawaii as well as other countries should call Customer Service at 800-311-9691 to determine their shipping charges.
** Canada UPS shipping includes broker fee. Does not include GST tax.

Can I drop ship the items?

A: No, we only ship to your address.

When will I receive my products?

A: Rada proudly ships 99% of our orders within two working days upon receipt of your order. Orders are shipped from our factory in Waverly, Iowa via UPS, FedEX or USPS. You will be notified when your order has shipped and provided with a tracking number via e-mail.

What if I want to return something?

A: Rada Mfg. Co. offers volume discount pricing and does not accept unsold merchandise returned to us for credit or refund. As always, we do replace any of our products returned to us due to defect in material or workmanship.

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