Your Opportunity!

Thousands of event sellers, owner-operated stores, home party sellers and home sales individuals choose to sell Rada Cutlery each year!

Remarkable Products

Over the last 65+ years Rada has earned a strong reputation. We’ve sold over 150 million kitchen knives and utensils, and have consistently received amazing feedback and praise about our products and their quality. You’ll find that often your buyers may already know Rada Cutlery’s value and reputation before you even start to explain it to them!

Amazing Service

We proudly ship 99% of our orders within 2 working days from our factory in Waverly, Iowa. If you provide us with your email address, you’ll receive shipping notifications and tracking information for your packages. You can always call our customer service Monday through Friday and speak with one of our experienced customer service representatives to answer any questions.

American Made Quality

From raw materials to construction, Rada Cutlery is 100% American Made. We use surgical grade stainless steel and each knife is hand-sharpened. To highlight our commitment to the customer, all of our kitchen knives and utensils have a lifetime guarantee.


A quality product for the best value is the result of our committed workforce in Waverly, Iowa. Our employees work each day to improve our efficiency and to eliminate waste. The team’s dedication is evident at every stage of the process – manufacturing, packaging, order-processing and shipping. Because of that, we live our mission of “providing our customers the best value of kitchen cutlery for their dollar” every single day.

Easy to Sell

We often hear, “Your knives sell themselves!” Once customers experience the ease and pleasure of using our famously sharp knives, they want to share the product with friends, family, sometimes the whole neighborhood! Rada’s raving fans practically do the selling for you by spreading the word about our products’ quality and value.

With our low minimum order of $75.00, you can get started reselling Rada without breaking the bank. Plus, we offer you an annual discount up to 10% based on your sales the previous year. As a Rada Reseller, we allow you to set your selling price and mark-up based on the overhead of your Rada reselling business.

Recognized Products

Rada Mfg. Co. has been making kitchen knives and utensils since 1948. Our products are easy to identify with our signature silver aluminum handles. We’re thankful to hear many stories of customers realizing, “This is the knife my grandma used when I was growing up!” As a reseller, we know you’ll hear those comments too, and we hope you enjoy knowing that you’re selling recognizable and highly appreciated items as much as we do.

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Retail $7.30

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