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Selling Rada Products

Catalog Fundraising

Catalog Fundraising is the most popular fundraising option and usually produces the most profit for your group.


Face-to-face contact is the best way to encourage sales. Supporters appreciate seeing the person they’re buying from, plus you have the opportunity to explain how their purchase will directly benefit your group.


1. Share the Catalog
We have a great Catalog with amazing new products every year! By sharing it and talking about the fundraiser’s purpose, supporters are encouraged to buy.

2. Take Supporters’ Orders
Supporters’ orders are recorded on our helpful Order Takers. Money for all orders should be collected by your specified deadline.

3. Promote Your Fundraiser
Use every opportunity to share your story. Print our free Fundraising Poster and hang in high-traffic areas, and use newspapers and applicable newsletters to your advantage.

4. Place Your Order
Confirm that all orders and cash receipts are in balance. Then simply place your order online or by phone or mail.

5. Distribute the Products
Sorting and delivering orders is safe and easy! We place a protective sleeve on all our knife blades, and all items are sealed in a plastic bag with the item number and product name printed on the bag.

For even greater profits, combine with other sales options.

Online Fundraising

Online Fundraising allows your out-of-town family and friends to support your group with online shopping and direct shipping.

1. Create an Account
Click here to get started and within one business day, you’ll receive an email containing a unique Online Group Store Link that will allow your friends, family, and community to purchase from you.

2. Sign up for Email-a-Friend
This free and optional service is the easiest way for you to introduce your fundraiser to potential supporters. Read more about it in your Dashboard Hub.

3. Share Your Link
Share your group’s unique link with everyone you can via email, Facebook, and other social media platforms! Use our Social Media Toolbox to make posting easy.

4. Earn 40% Profit
You will be paid via a monthly eCheck. Simply print the check and deposit your 40% profit into your bank account.

For even greater profits, combine with other sales options.

Express Sales

Take products on the go with this sales option. Cutlery is safely packaged so you can meet your customers where they are!

How it Works
For a simple fundraiser, this option is ideal. You can sell Vegetable Peelers or Regular Paring Knives in plastic tubes with rubber caps directly from our cardboard carrying cases. These are two of our best-selling items and are the only items available in tubes.

The Products
Each case contains 24 of our knives or peelers:

Regular Paring
• Silver Handle, Item CS1, $121.55/case ($70.45 Profit)
• Black SSR Handle, Item CS21, $121.55/case ($70.45 Profit)

Vegetable Peeler
• Silver Handle, Item CS2 $150.35 /case ($89.65 Profit)
• Black SSR Handle, Item CS22 $150.35/case ($89.65 Profit)

Unopened cases can be returned for a refund within 90 days. Products cannot be mixed in one case at the time of ordering.

For even greater profits, combine with other sales options.

Event Sales

Display Rada Cutlery products in locations where people congregate and where you’ll benefit from lots of potential sales.

How it Works
Your group will order items ahead of time and sell from that stock. Simply set up a table to display Rada products at events like church gatherings, craft shows, fairs, and festivals.

Event Sales allow customers to see and buy the products immediately, eliminating the need for delivery.

Getting Started
Any unsold merchandise (except food items) can be returned within 90 days of purchase, making Event Sales fundraisers low risk for your group.

Please call 1-800-311-9691 for return authorization.

For even greater profits, combine with other sales options.