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This chapter could also be called
”How to get people pumped.”


Seller/Supporter Motivation

This chapter could also be called ”How to get people pumped.” Basically that’s what it’s all about. Sure, you can have a fundraiser and you can get the word out there, but if you can’t motivate people to action then you won’t get the results you want. And we’re not just talking about motivating the community to buy your products or come to your event; we’re talking about motivating your sellers too. They need to be excited and ready to take on the challenge of fundraising. They need to be ready to engage the community and seek their support.

If this is starting to sound like a pep talk from your high school basketball coach, don’t get freaked out. You don’t have to scream at your fundraisers in a gym and get red in the face to motivate them. Unless, of course, that’s what you’re all about. But know there are plenty of other ways to do it if that’s not your shtick. We’ll show you how.

Seller Motivation

We’d love to tell you it’s all about inner motivation (that good feeling you get when you help out your group) – but we don’t want to lead you astray. While that is a great part of fundraising, depending on who you’re working with (especially if you’re working with children) outside motivation (prizes, awards) might be the way to go. Plus, you should want to reward your fundraisers with something for their hard work other than that good feeling.

Track and report sales for each seller throughout the fundraising process. Those goals and KPIs you made way back in the planning phase will help with this. Let your sellers know upfront what stats are going to be measured. This shouldn’t be something that pressures or worries them, but something that motivates them and gets them in the competitive spirit.

Make sure to educate and orient your sellers with the products they’ll be working with. The better they know the products and their quality, the more enthusiastic they’ll be about selling them. They’ll be able to “show off” the products. It’s hard to get excited about products you don’t know much about. Also, make sure they’re familiar with the forms that will be used, any timelines your group has made, and give them suggestions of who to contact as they start out. Getting your group of sellers fully prepared will boost their confidence, and then hopefully their excitement, as they begin the fundraiser.

Have a celebration at the completion. This is a time for the group to relax together after all their hard work. Hand out awards or prizes for the top sellers or the people that put in extra work to host an event. Talk about what could be improved, but focus on the positive aspects of the fundraiser to help motivate your group members for next time.

Supporter Motivation


Show, don’t tell. Find a way to illustrate how people’s money could make a difference for your group. Would you be building something with it? Is it going toward an important cause? Are you attending an educational conference with it? Make the people it would be affecting visible or show what the final product would look like. With a visual of how they’re making a difference, people will be much more excited about donating.

Consider giving rewards for your top supporters too. It’s a nice way to give back to the people that gave back.

Promotion is the key in getting supporters for your fundraiser. But to really get people excited, it can’t just be the traditional promotional methods. Communicating the reason for your fundraiser is essential. That can be done with posters and flyers, but it’s much easier to get that message across face-to-face. Host a mini-event to generate excitement in the community. If your fundraiser is online, host a video chat or hangout so you can actually talk to people and answer any questions they have about where their money is going.

Chapter 9 Wrap-up

Playing the song “Eye of the Tiger” for your group is great and all, but we hope you have a few more tools to get everyone excited for your fundraiser.

  • Give rewards for your top sellers. Let them know at the start what stats will be tracked and how they could be rewarded for their hard work.
  • Make sure your sellers are fully informed about the products they’re working with. Knowledge will give them confidence so they can have a better fundraising experience.
  • Have a celebration for the whole group at the end of the fundraiser. This is where you can brag about your top sellers.
  • Show, don’t tell, your supporters how their money will make a difference.
  • Create awards for your top supporters. Let ’em know you appreciate them.

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