The Ultimate Guide
to Fundraising

Everything you ever wanted to know about fundraising.


Tips you need to have a successful fundraiser for clubs, teams, groups, non-profits, schools and churches.


“Every once in a while, a fundraiser comes along that really inspires you.”


An introduction to The Ultimate Guide to Fundraising

It’s inevitable – you’ve probably been bombarded by fundraisers in your lifetime. Asked for money, asked to support a cause, asked to attend a gala when you’re not even sure what that is or if you’ve got a suitable outfit. It’s not just adults either – most kids in grammar school have already participated in several fundraisers and have been asked to contribute to even more.

Everybody needs money. And you’re willing to help, but we all know being asked can get a little old. Every once in a while though, a fundraiser comes along that really inspires you. The group is enthusiastic, they have a great sales pitch, the product, service, or event they’re offering is top notch, and you’re not just willing to help out and contribute, you’re excited about what they’re doing.

You’re here for a reason. Maybe you’ve already decided to have a fundraiser for your group and you’re in the planning process. Maybe your club or organization needs some extra funds and you have no idea where to start. Maybe you’re a fundraising pro looking for some new ideas.

You’ve come to the right place. Rada Mfg. Co. knows a thing or two about fundraising. Each year we work with over 19,000 fundraising groups like schools, churches, civic clubs, teams and youth groups to help them raise money by selling Rada Cutlery products. We want to see fundraisers of all kinds succeed, so we decided it’s time we stopped hoarding all these little gems of info and started sharing our know-how with the world.

We’ve combined our experience with research and national trends to give you the most comprehensive guide to fundraising out there. So you can have that awesome, inspiring fundraiser. So you can be more successful and get the funds your group needs to do amazing things.

Sound like a plan? We thought so.

What you’ll learn

  • History, trends and benefits of fundraising
  • Stages of fundraising
  • How to select a fundraising leader
  • What fundraising options are out there (advantages, disadvantages and tips for each
  • How to work with suppliers and distributors
  • How product fundraising profits are calculated
  • How to select the right fundraiser for your group
  • How to motivate your sellers and supporters
  • How to promote your fundraiser
  • What Rada’s fundraising program is all about

We’re really excited about fundraising (we wrote a 93-page guide about it for crying out loud)! It’s fun and hugely beneficial when it’s done right. If it seems a little overwhelming at first, don’t sweat it. We’re here to make it easy.

We’ve got all the bases covered. All you have to do is sit back, enjoy The Ultimate Guide to Fundraising and soak it all in. You’ll be Master Fundraising Guru (or whatever fancy name you wanna give yourself) before you know it

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