Thousands of clubs, teams, churches, schools, and youth groups choose Rada Cutlery for their fundraiser each year. We are excited to help your group too!

Your complimentary introduction packet will include our full-color Fundraising Catalog, an Order Taker, Order Form, and Fundraising Made EASY Guide.


Our Catalog is designed to make it easy for your supporters to browse and make their selections.

This 32-page Catalog shows every item in full color and real-life settings, giving your supporters an idea of how the product might be used in their own kitchen.

The prices are listed in $.25 increments for easy calculation. New Catalogs are available each year on August 1st, when new items are introduced and any price adjustments are made.


In the middle of each Catalog, you’ll find handy Order Takers to help group members keep track of supporters’ orders.

These two-sided forms provide sellers ample space to jot down detailed order information as well as their own Seller information, sales goal, and merchandise totals, important for tracking sales. Supporters pay the catalog price when orders are taken. Each form also gives step-by-step instructions for taking orders.


Every starter packet will include an Order Form which is used by the leader to compile the items sold from all the Order Takers.

The tally column makes it simple to “tally” each item from the Order Takers; the total number from that column is then recorded in the Qty. Each column. The form shows both Cost Each and Suggested Resale. The difference between these two will be your group’s profit. This Order Form will be used to place mail, fax, and phone orders.  

Fundraising Made Easy Guide

Our Fundraising Made Easy Guide takes the guesswork out of fundraising, making your job as a group leader a little bit easier.

This guide compares online and catalog sales, walking you through tools, ordering, delivery, and payment. It discusses promotions and sales boosters and gives you a thorough list of frequently asked questions.