Fundraising Starter Packet


Thousands of clubs, teams, churches, schools and youth groups choose Rada Cutlery for their fundraiser each year and we are excited to help you too!

Your complimentary introduction packet will include our full-color selling Fundraising Catalog, an Order Taker Form, an Order Form with a handy tally column for easy order calculating, and a step-by-step Fundraising Made EASY Guide.

1.Full-color selling Fundraising Catalog

2. Order Taker Form

3. Order Form with a handy tally column for easy order calculating.

4. A step-by-step Fundraising Made EASY Guide. 


Our catalog is designed to make it easy for your supporters to browse and make their selections.

With 32 pages of products, you supporters will be able to see all the of the items in full color and portrayed with the foods they are best suited.

The prices are listed in $.25 increments for easy adding. New catalogs are available each year on August 1st. This is when any new items are introduced and any pricing adjustments are made.


We take the guess work out of fundraising for you, the Leader, with our easy to follow, step-by-step, Fundraising Made Easy Guide.

This brochure will take you through all the steps of fundraising from selling, to placing your order, to our sales boosters that will help your group knock your fundraiser out of the park!


Each catalog will include an order taker for your group members. This handy one page form will keep track of your supporters orders along with ample room for their address and phone number.

Each individual seller will also have room to acknowledge their fund raiser purpose, their sales goal and a column for their merchandise total.


Every starter pack will include an Order Form. This form is specifically used by the leader to compile the items sold from the order takers and includes the wholesale and resale prices.

The handy tally column makes it simple to “tally” each item from the order takers. This order from will be used to place mail, fax or phone orders.