Fundraiser Selling!

Fundraisers with Rada are made to fit YOUR needs as an organization. That’s why we have 3 EASY selling options to choose from.

Catalog Sales

The majority of groups sell from the Rada Cutlery catalog. The catalog is designed to make it easy for your supporters to browse and make their selections. It includes:

  • 32 pages of products
  • Prices in 25¢ increments for easy adding

New catalogs are available each year on August 1st, when new items are introduced to the Rada Cutlery lineup and pricing adjustments are made.

What does your group get?

  • 10 free catalogs per year
  • Additional catalogs at 20 cents each
  • Catalog charges waived if your group sells $1,000 or more
  • 300+ catalogs free if your group sells more than $5,000

Order Takers

Each catalog comes with an order taker where your group members will keep track of their supporter orders. Our order takers are easy to use and help keep your fundraiser on track every step of the way. They are:

  • Simple to use
  • 10 order squares (front and back)
  • Adds 50 cents per order for processing

Order Taker Instructions

  • Make sure sellers verify your supporter’s information for each order.
  • Use the Merchandise Total and Grand Total areas to confirm your orders and cash receipts are in balance.

Order Taker App

Now sellers have the option to use our Order Taker App to collect orders from your supporters. Sellers from your group are not required to use the App, but it does offer a few convenient features:

  • The app automatically adds orders for you
  • Saves group leaders time with data entry
  • May serve as a motivator for some sellers

For more information, watch the Order Taker App video or call customer service at 1-800-311-9691.

Internet Fundraising

Increase your fundraising profit by signing up for a free account to take fundraising orders online at

Signing up is fast and easy

  1. Create your group’s account
  2. Share your group’s ordering link with your community using social media
  3. Earn 40% profit from resulting orders

Internet Fundraising is often combined with catalg sales. Face to face requests for support are usually the most effecting. The online orders are a great way to reach out-of-town supporters or people who prefer to shop and order on the web.

Online orders are shipped directly to the customer. Profits from these sales are directly deposited to your group’s Paypal account with each order.


  1. Internet fundraising is a great way to get add-on sales, but we still find that traditional face-to-face fundraising requests to support your cause have the most impact.
  2. To help maximize your online fundraising impact, use email and Facebook posts to promote your fundraiser's orderling link.

Event Sales

Event sales allow customers to see what they are buying and eliminates the need to deliver items later. Groups who choose event sales as their method of fundraising order items ahead of time and sell from that stock.

Some great event sales options:

  • After meetings
  • Church gatherings
  • Local craft shows, fairs and festivals
  • Sign up to be listed on the Shop Local page of the Rada Cutlery website

To Display

  • Variety of selling materials offered by Rada Mfg. Co.
  • Express Sales Packs — offered for vegetable peelers or regular paring knives

An event sales fundraiser is low-risk for your group, thanks to our 90 day return policy (excludes food products). Whatever your group doesn’t sell can be returned within 90 days of purchase. Please call 1-800-311-9691 for return authorization.

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