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With a quick call to our customer service, we can set your group up with easy online ordering. Online ordering makes it easier for you as the fundraising leader to place, receive, and distribute your seller’s orders.

Orders may be placed online 24 hours a day and we process web orders continually through the day, so this is often the fastest and most convenient way to place orders!

1.  We package orders separately for every salesperson.
2. Each salesperson receives a printout of their individual profit.
3. Group leaders receive a profit summary for their entire group.

Call 1-800-311-9691 to Learn More


Our friendly customer service agents will take your order from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Please have a credit or debit card with you at the time you place your order by phone. We can send COD (additional charges will apply).

Call 1-800-311-9691 to order!


You can fax orders 24 hours a day. Please include payment with a credit or debit card at the time you place your fax order or we can send COD (additional charges apply).

Most fax orders are entered into our system the day received.

Fax to 1-800-311-9623 to order!


Mail the ORDER FORM:
Send your filled out ORDER FORM (the combined total of all salesperson’s orders) in by mail with payment of a check, credit card, or money order ($20 minimum).

You will receive the order with all ordered products shipped together for you to sort and distribute to your salespeople.


You are able to use our Sorted by Salesperson system when mailing in orders, however, the program varies slightly from the traditional ORDER FORM method ($1,000 or more in money collected).

1. Simply mail your ORDER TAKERS (the individually filled out salesperson order sheets), along with group and payment information, and WE WILL ENTER THE ORDERS FOR YOU.
2. We can typically ship this method within four working days (14 days if paid by check).

Receive the order with products packaged by the salesperson – allowing you to simply hand out the pre-sorted product orders to your salespeople.

Mail:  Rada Mfg. Co. | PO Box 838 | Waverly Iowa, 50677


Call 1-800-311-9691 to Learn More