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You’ll receive an email once your group has been approved (generally within one business day).

Once You've Been Approved

Get Your Unique Link

The link is in your program confirmation email and on your Leader Dashboard.

The dashboard is also where you’ll see and track your group’s progress.

Share the Link With Your Group

Make sure all of your group members have your link so they can share it as well.

Helpful Tip: Post at different times and days to ensure it is seen by the most people.

Everything to Know About Online Fundraising

To help your online fundraising earn you more – click the buttons below to see the information!


After your Internet Fundraising account is approved by Customer Service then you will be ready to start promoting your Internet Fundraising link.

The best way to get the word out to friends, family, and your community is by sharing your group’s link on Facebook or in emails. Below are resources you can save and use right now!

All of these resources and more can be found on our Social Tools Page

Included materials:

Ready-to-post photos

Utilize pre-designed images, ready for posting on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Sample post & email text

Simplify the posting process with pre-written texts – just personalize and post, email, or share.


Informative promo video

We’ve put together a promotional video you can use to inform your community of your fundraiser.


Form letters to share

For those that would like to use form letters to get the word out, we have multiple options.

If you’d like to see more photos, sample text, downloading information and much more – head to the Social Media Toolbox’s dedicated page to find everything you’ll need for a successful online fundraiser!


Your unique online group store link can be found on your Leader Dashboard along with other helpful information and features to ensure your fundraiser is successful.

To access it: Click This Link and log on using the email and password from your Rada Fundraising sign-up form once you’ve received the activation email from our team.

Available features:


See your link and an overview of your profit payments.

Payment History

See the previous profit payments we have sent to you.


Track the online sales coming from your unique store link.


Export reports to review your fundraising progress.

Helpful Tip to Earn More:

When you set up an account, you’ll have access to lots of information within that particular website, including the contact information for your fundraiser supporters who purchased through your shared link.

You can then use this information to add a personal touch by thanking your supporters for their purchase and reminding them they can continue supporting your fundraiser by placing repeat orders online.


Because we want to make this experience as easy and stress-free as possible, we have chosen the Deluxe eCheck payment method for your earned fundraising profits.


Deluxe eCheck, known as America’s “Best Known Check Brand”, is a checking company with over 100 years of experience.
The eChecks you receive can be cashed the same as paper checks, with money paid to your group faster than waiting for a paper version.
You do not need to set up a Deluxe account! We’ll send the echeck to the email address you listed on your sign-up form.

To Deposit Your Check

1. Click the [Open this Check] button in our email within 90 days of receipt.

2. Print the Check with any printer

3. Endorse the Check (sign the back).

4. Deposit at the bank like you would any other check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the profit the same on every product?

Profit varies per item, the same as the profit percentage from the fundraising catalog. You will earn an average of 40% profit from all orders.

What email address with my checks be sent to?

The email provided in the sign-up form will be used to deliver your eCheck as well as set up your account.

Who will the checks be made out to?

Checks will be payable to the organization. No personal checks will be issued. Currently available only in the USA.