Selling Options


Catalog Fundraising

Catalog Fundraising is the most popular fundraising selling option and generally produces the most profit for your group.

Easy Catalog Fundraising Process:


1. Show Your Catalogs

2. Place The Order

3. Distribute Products

1. Show Your Catalogs

New catalogs are available each year on August 1st when items are introduced to the Rada Cutlery offerings and pricing adjustments are made.

  • 32 Pages of Products
  • Prices in $0.25 increments for easy adding


  • 10 FREE catalogs per year
  • Additional catalogs at 25 cents each
  • Catalog charges waived if your group sells $1,000 or more
  • 300+ catalogs free if your group sells more than $5,000

Video: Catalog Introduction

2. place the order

Each catalog comes with an order taker where your group members will record their supporter orders.

Our order takers are:

  • Simple to Use
  • Contain 10 order squares
  • Collects 50 cents per order to help pay for processing


  • Make sure sellers verify your supporter’s information for each order.
  • Use the Merchandise Total and Grand Total areas to confirm your orders and cash receipts are in balance.

Video: Order Taker Walk Through

3. distribute products

When you receive your order, cross-check the invoice/packing slip and confirm all of the items are received.

If you find any discrepancies, contact our customer service immediately at 1-800-311-9691 so we can make adjustments.

Sorting and delivering your orders is EASY & SAFEWe place a protective sleeve on all individual knife blades.

All items are sealed in a plastic bag with the item number and product name printed on the bag.


INTERNET Fundraising

Internet Fundraising allows out of town family and friends to support your group through online purchasing & direct shipping!

Easy Internet Fundraising Process:


3. Earn 40% Profit

1. create YOUR account

Apply online at to get your fundraiser going. Sign up only takes 5 MINUTES!

Once approved (within one business day), you’ll receive an email containing a personalized link that will allow your friends, family, and community to purchase from you.

Video: Internet Fundraising Overview

2. Share your link

Share your group’s unique link with everyone you can!

Groups seem to have the most success using Facebook to reach supports, however, email or other social media platforms are good options as well!

We help in any way we can with pre-made promotional tools like Facebook graphics or videos for you to post.

3. Earn 40% profit

You will be paid via a monthly eCheck email to you that you can deposit at your regular bank.

Simply PRINT out the check and DEPOSIT to receive your 40% FUNDRAISING PROFIT.


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