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To Order Your Booster Products:

1. Call Us at 1-800-311-9691


2. Order Online with your Rada Fundraising customer number and password ($20 Minimum)

To Order Your Booster Products:

1. Call Us at:


2. Order Online with customer number and password ($20 Minimum)

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The first 10 each year are FREE, but always make sure you have enough for your salespeople, and order any additional ones as needed.

  • ITEM CATF $.25 each


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Increase your sales by letting the customers see and feel the items they want to purchase. The durable demonstrator case attractively displays 21 pieces of cutlery.

  • Item S17 (W/ Cutlery) $119.30
  • Item S17E (Empty Case) $34.85

Included in the Case:

  • R100 – Granny Paring
  • R101 – Regular Paring
  • R104 – Utility/Steak
  • R107 – Slicer
  • R114 – Spatula
  • R117 – Handi-Stir
  • R118 – Bagel Knife
  • R119 – Knife Sharpener
  • R125 – Cookspoon with Holes
  • R126 – Tomato Slicer
  • R127 – Super Parer
  • R132 – Vegetable Peeler
  • R133 – Mini Server
  • R135 – Party Spreader
  • R142 – Serrated Regular Paring
  • W203 – Heavy Duty Paring
  • W205 – Serrated Steak
  • W208 – Carver/Boner
  • W212 – 10′ Bread Knife
  • W237 – Ice Cream Scoop
  • W241 – Deluxe Vegetable Peeler
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The sampling pack is perfect to introduce a few items to members of your group who will be selling. This pack is helpful for anyone unfamiliar with Rada Cutlery to give them a better understanding of the product they’ll be selling.

  • Item SAMF $11.00 each

Your Sample Pack Includes

  • 1 – R101 Regular Paring (aluminum handle)
  • 1 – W226 Tomato Slicer (black ssr handle)
  • 1 – Q601 Cucumber Onion Dill Dip
  • 1 – 3715 Cream Cheese 101 Recipes Book
  • 1 – Rada Quick-Grip-Clip
  • Fundraising Catalog, Fundraising Overview, Order Form, and an Order Taker
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This pack is great for simplified fundraisers – you can sell Vegetable Peelers or Regular Paring Knives in plastic tubes with rubber caps from our cardboard carrying cases.

Note: These are two of our bestselling items and are the only 2 items available for sale in the tubes

Regular Paring (Silver & Black Handle)

  • Item CS1 $75.55 each ($50.45 Profit)
  • Item CS21 $75.55 each ($50.45 Profit)

Vegetable Peeler (Silver & Black Handle)

  • Item CS2 $100.75 each ($67.25 Profit)
  • Item CS22 $100.75 each ($67.25  Profit)


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Promote your fundraiser with this attention-getting 22″ X 17″ poster!

  • Item POS $.40 each


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Use this 9” x 12” magnet to let people know, no matter where you go, that they can buy Rada Cutlery from you. Remove and clean the magnet occasionally to prevent sticking.

  • Item MAG $5.00 each


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High-quality t-shirts with the Rada Cutlery logo to show people you’re excited about selling Rada Cutlery knives and utensils!

White T-Shirts

  • Item B101 $6.60 (Small)
  • Item B102 $6.60 (Medium)
  • Item B103 $6.60 (Large) 
  • Item B104 $6.60 (XLarge)
  • Item B105 $8.55 (XXLarge)

Blue T-Shirts

  • Item B107 $7.65 (Small)
  • Item B108 $7.65 (Medium)
  • Item B109 $7.65 (Large)
  • Item B110 $7.65 (XLarge)
  • Item B111 $9.25 (XXLarge) 
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Our 60″ x 27″ banner makes it easy to let everyone know you’re selling Rada Cutlery! Complete with 4 metal grommets for quick hanging, you can post the banner outside or above your display

  • Item BAN $35.20 each


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This unit is great for displaying AND storing your Rada Cutlery items. Simply remove the box lid, insert the cardboard riser, price cards, and banner as shown in the picture.

  • Item TDB (35.5″ x 21.5″) $18.50 each


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The fasted way to make an attractive table display that stands out is with our table runner. Simply place it across the table so that the logo hangs down in the front or behind the table as a backdrop.

  • Item B131 $32.60 each


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Show your potential customers how affordable Rada Cutlery is with our Price Card (3.5′ x 4.75′).

  • Item CARD $.11 each


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Display boxes are great to add polish to a table set up. Each display box includes an internal smaller box to display a knife out of the bag as well as a price card.

  • Item SDB (10″ x 6″) $2.40 each
  • Item MDB (13″ x 7.5″) $3.10 each
  • Item LDB (15″ x 7.5″) $3.60


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