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Our employees are dedicated to your success. That is with quality products, fast service, and everything throughout the fundraising process.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

Catalog Fundraising

How do we start our catalog fundraiser?
Simply order as many catalogs and order forms that you will need for your salespeople.
How often can we place a group order?
As often as you wish! The minimum order is only $20 of wholesale items purchased.
How much do we need to purchase to start our fundraiser?
No purchase is necessary. Once your group sells and collects money for orders, you’ll place your group order with Rada, paying for product at that time.
Is there a time limit on how long we can run our fundraiser?
No. You decide when to start and how long you want to sell.
How do we get paid for our catalog sales?
You collect money when taking orders. Your supporters pay the price listed in the catalog and you pay the wholesale price (the difference is your 40% profit).
How long will it take to get our group order?
You will receive your order approximately five to ten days after we receive the order with payment.
Do we have to use online fundraising or can we just sell using the catalog?
You can choose each option alone or both at the same time. The choice is yours!
Does Rada charge groups sales tax?
We do not charge fundraising groups state or federal taxes.
Do supporters pay shipping on their catalog orders?
Supporters are not charged for shipping, however, a $.50 processing charge is added to each order to help offset the cost of shipping the group order.

Online Fundraising

How do we start our online fundraiser?
Enter your information at Once reviewed by customer service, you’ll receive an email with your unique online group store link.
How do we get paid for our online sales?
A printable check made payable to your group will be emailed to you every month. Simply print the check and deposit it at your bank.
How do supporters shop online on behalf of our group?
Supporters can order through your unique group online store link, sellers’ personalized store links, or at by selecting your group name. Online orders will ship directly to your supporter.
Will I know if someone places an order online?
You’ll be able to view online orders and payment history in your Leader Dashboard. You will also be notified by email every time an order is placed.
How can I track how many online orders each salesperson generates?
You will be able to create a personalized link for each salesperson. Sellers will share their own link, and you’ll be able to track sales by salesperson in the Leader Dashboard.
Do you have images and information I can post on social media for our fundraiser?

Yes, you can find photos, form letters, videos and text samples at on a Shared File.

Ordering Products

Will Rada sort my fundraising order by salesperson?
Yes! If you use our Sorted Orders service, you will receive your group order sorted by seller making it easy to distribute orders!
How do I get my customer number and password so I can order online?
Please call us at 1-800-311-9691 Mon-Fri, 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST.
How much do we have to order? Is there a minimum?
The minimum is only $20 for phone-in orders and orders placed online at The minimum for mail-in Sorted Orders is $1,000.
Do I have to fill out the Order Form if I’m placing a Sorted Order by mail?
You will only need to fill out the organization information, shipping information, and payment method for a Sorted Order.
Can I add to my Sorted Order once it’s submitted?
Unfortunately, we can’t add to a Sorted Order once it’s submitted, but you are welcome to place a new order if the total is $20 or more.
Can I place more than one order?
Yes, you can, and we encourage you to keep your fundraiser open for a few weeks for any additional orders. After supporters have had a chance to try their Rada Products, many will want to order more.
How long will it take to get our group order?
You will generally receive your order five to ten days after we receive the order with payment.
Where can I find more information about placing our group fundraising order online?
Please visit
Where can I find additional resources for my questions about Rada Fundraising?

Visit our online help center, or call 800-311-9691 to discuss your questions.