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Introduction to Sorted Orders

  Q1.  What is the profit?

Your group will keep 40% of all your sales

  Q2.  How much do catalogs cost?

The first 10 are free! Additional catalogs are $0.10 each but will be refunded to your account after your first order is placed.

  Q3.  How often can we place an order?

You can order every day if you wish, we just ask that your order is at least $20.00

  Q4.  Do we have to let you know when we are going to do the fundraising?

No, not at all, you can start selling at any time, we suggest you keep the fundraiser open for 2 to 3 weeks after the startup.

 Q 5.  What is the processing charge for?

Your supporters are donating $0.50 per order to help offset the cost of shipping their orders.

  Q6.  How much do we pay for shipping?

Shipping is added to the order amount that you pay for the merchandise, not on the amount you sold.

  Q7. Do we charge sales tax? Do we pay sales tax?

We will not charge out of state tax-exempt groups any state or federal taxes.  Each group may want review local tax laws on charging tax

  Q1.  How do I get my group signed up for the Internet Fundraising?

Go to and click Start My Internet Fundraiser in the menu bar.

  Q2.  How do I tell people how to order from our group on the Internet?

We will send an access email that will provide you with your unique code to share.

  Q3.  Do you have something I could post on social media sites about the Internet Fundraising?

Yes, we have photos, form letters, videos and text samples you can use at

  Q4.  How do I get the profit from the Internet Fundraising sales?

You will receive your profit by check in an email that you can print and deposit at your regular bank.

  Q5.  How do I know if someone placed an order for my group on the Internet Fundraising website?

You can log on to your personal Refersion Dashboard and view orders and payment history you will also be notified by email every time an order has been placed.

  Q6.  Why do people have to pay so much shipping when they order from us online?

Online orders are shipped directly to each supporter and are charged the standard shipping and handling fees.

  Q7.  How do I know how much credit my sellers earned from the Internet Fundraising?

You may request an application for individual sellers by contacting us a

  Q8.  Do I have to sell from a catalog or can I just do the Internet Fundraising?

You can do each option alone or do both at the same time, the choice is yours!

  Q1.  How much do we have to order? Is there a minimum?

Online orders only require a $20.00 minimum order.

  Q2.  Do I have to sell $1,000 to place an order?

No, you can place any order of $20.00 or more online at

  Q3.  How do I get my customer number and password?

Please call us at 1-800-311-9691 Mon-Fri, 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST

  Q4.  Do I have to fill out the order form if I am placing a Sorted Order?

You will only need to fill out the organization information, shipping information and payment method for a sorted order.

  Q5.  Can I add to my sorted order once it is submitted?

We cannot add to a sorted order once it is submitted but you are welcome to place a new order if the total is $20.00 or more.

  Q6.  Can we place another order once we are finished; I already placed my order but now more people turned their order in, now what do I do?

Yes, you can and we encourage you to keep the fundraiser open for additional orders that may have been missed or overlooked for a few weeks.