Online Fundraising Profit Booster

You Add Your Salespeople

As a leader, you register your individual sellers and we’ll contact them for you.

Salespeople Add Supporters

Your sellers register their supporters (friends and family members).

We Email Your Supporters

We’ll automatically send an email to your supporters informing them of your cause and ultimately helping your fundraiser earn profits.

The email will include a seller’s personalized store link so each time a supporter shops, their salesperson earns credit!

Add Your Salespeople

Generate online store links personalized for each seller.

1. Search the directory below to find your group.

(Please use your two-letter state abbreviation when searching for your fundraising group.)

2. Click on your Fundraising Group from the search results to begin creating your Personalized Referral Links for each of your sellers.

(This helps you keep track of the fundraising profit generated by each person in your group.)


Make sure you download the file that lists the new member-specific links once you’re finished.

The site will not save any previously added names or links for you to come back to.

Fill out the following form for each seller you wish to add.

Your name, group name, and group’s fundraising cause will remain in the form after submission (to easily be applied to all of your sellers).

P.S. Do you want to invite supporters too? Simply click below to invite your own family and friends to receive information about your group’s fundraiser.

Fill out the following form for each supporter you wish to add.

The form will save information that applies to multiple sellers (i.e. your group name).

Don’t worry about contacting everyone –
we’ll do it for you!

The Email We'll Send Your Salespeople:

Hi {{Seller-Name Here}},

Here’s a great way to help make our fundraiser successful!

It’s simple. Just add your friends’ and family members’ email addresses to the link below and an email will be sent to them automatically, asking for their support.  

This makes it easy to reach all our supporters and helps make our fundraiser profitable!

{{Leader’s Name Here}}

Click the link below to add email addresses. Rada will send the emails, and you’ll earn profits for our fundraiser.

The Email We'll Send Your Supporters:

Hi {{Supporter-Name Here}},  

I’m involved with a fundraiser for my group, {{Fundraiser Group-Name Here}}, and am asking for your support for:

{{Fundraiser-Cause Here}}

What will your support mean to us?

Every purchase from supporters like you earns our group a huge 40% profit!

Your purchase helps you too!

Choose from a wide variety of popular kitchen knives, cooking utensils, quick mixes, cookbooks, and more—great for your own kitchen or for gift giving.  

What can you expect?

Products are available at every price point, making it easy for everyone to participate.  

All products come from well-known Rada Cutlery, so you can be confident you’re getting high-quality merchandise.

As an added bonus, everything they sell is made completely in the USA.

Thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated.  

{{Seller-Name Here}}

Please shop using the link below.