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2021 Fundraising Catalog, Easy Guide, Order Taker, and Order Form Covers



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Why is a Rada fundraiser right for our organization?

Be assured, people love Rada Cutlery! And it’s not just us saying that. We hear from leaders from across the United States who run very successful Rada Cutlery fundraisers year after year – often at the request of their supporters. PLUS your supporters get 100% American-made craftsmanship at a great value!

Why are Rada fundraisers so successful?
Groups earn 40% profit from every purchase made, from both catalog AND online sales. When you consider how many people already know about Rada’s great reputation and continue to buy for their own kitchen and for gifts, it’s clear your potential for sales is huge.
What types of groups can hold a Rada fundraiser?

Any group that needs to raise funds can participate. This includes—but is not limited to—school groups, church groups, dance clubs, pet rescues, band and chorus groups, 4-H groups, and Relay for Life teams. From elementary kids to retirees and everyone in between, a Rada Cutlery fundraiser is the right fit.

How long should our Catalog Fundraiser last?
Glad you asked! Rada doesn’t impose any deadlines on our fundraising groups. You can hold a quick 2-week fundraiser or keep it going all year long. It’s up to you!

What’s the right timeline for YOUR group? Here are a few examples to keep in mind when deciding:

2-3 Weeks Offering a short time period allows young sellers to get it done quickly. This is also ideal when your group needs their profits fast.
3-4 Weeks This offers a little extra wiggle room for high schoolers who might be active in extracurricular activities and just don’t have a lot of free time.
Several Months Perfect for a group that doesn’t have an immediate need and could set out a catalog and order forms in communal areas, like a church vestibule.
Ongoing Some groups keep their fundraisers open with no end date. This is great for those who have ongoing needs such as pet rescues.
What's the timeline for Online Fundraisers?
You’ll enjoy unlimited, deadline-free fundraising—continue it as long as you’d like. When you’re ready to end fundraising, just let us know. Your online store can be closed by request once all pending profits have been paid to your group. Until then, you can and SHOULD continue to promote your group’s fundraiser on social media.
How does our group get paid?

For face-to-face catalog sales, your supporters pay you the price listed in the catalog and you pay Rada the cost listed on the Order Form. You keep the difference—that’s your 40%.

Groups that use the online selling option are sent an email with their profit check attached every month. Print the check on any printer and take it to your bank or credit union for deposit.

If you choose to sell with both catalogs and online, you’ll get paid for each type as described above.

What about fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We understand that times like these are certainly frustrating and particularly stressful for groups needing funds. BUT fundraising groups can still earn a good profit by using our hands-free Online Fundraising option. With no face-to-face contact (no order taking, money handling, or product delivery), your group members stay safe. You can read more about it here.

Why should we choose Rada for our fundraiser?
  • Every year we help over 12,000 groups find success through a Rada Cutlery fundraiser.
  • You make 40% profit on all sales.
  • Everything in our catalog and website is 100% American made craftsmanship.
  • You work directly with us—there’s no middleman and no additional fees.
  • Lifetime guarantee on everything we manufacture so supporters can feel confident in their purchases.