Instant Meal Starters

Does coming home to a nice home-cooked meal sound good except you never have the time. Try one of our meal starters we have five sauces that are easy to make and are the perfect start to any meal. You can choose from the Marinara Sauce, Alfredo Sauce, Scampi Sauce, Sweet Ginger Sauce and Chile Rojo Sauce. If you are not sure what to pair with the sauce we have a Quick Mixes Recipe Guide to help you.

Pasta sauces and more

Shrimp scampi, chicken piccata, alfredo pizza these dishes can seem daunting to the novice cook but they don’t have to be. At Rada Cutlery we offer five different meal starters or sauces to help jumpstart your meal. If you have a delicious sauce then you have a good foundation to your meal.

The Alfredo Sauce has numerous dishes that can be made from this simple sauce. The Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pizza recipe uses the sauce as a base for this pizza. You spread it on the pizza dough and add toppings of your choice. We use chicken and mushrooms with mozzarella as our toppings. You can also make Grilled Chicken Breasts with Alfredo and Pico De Gallo. To make this easy alfredo sauce you just need to add water.

With the Scampi Sauce Quick Mix making chicken piccata has never been easier.  In our chicken piccata recipe we use olive oil, chicken breasts, lemon juice, artichoke hearts, water, the Rada Cutlery Shrimp Scampi Quick Mix and you could also use capers in this recipe. If you want to make an easy shrimp scampi recipe you can use this Quick Mix also and just add water and butter.

The Rada Cutlery Marinara Sauce Quick Mix gives you the taste of homemade sauce without all the work. To make our sauce you just have to add tomato paste, diced tomatoes and water with the Quick Mix and it is ready to serve with your favorite pasta.

Send your taste buds on an Asian journey with the Sweet Sesame Ginger Sauce Quick Mix. The recipes you can make with this sauce are endless. Oriental Noodles, Lemon Chicken and Toasted Sesame Chicken are just a few of the recipes you can create with this Quick Mix. The sauce is easy to make also. You just need to add water and sesame oil.

If you love a sauce packed with flavor, then the Chile Rojo Sauce is perfect for you. Add water to this sauce and it is ready to be served with tacos, burritos, enchiladas, nachos and many other savory dishes.

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