Prepare Then Carve Gift Set

Silver or Black handle.
The Prepare Then Carve Gift Set is your ticket to carving meat like a pro!

This set comes with everything you need to carve meats. First is the Regular Paring Knife, Rada’s best-selling knife that gives this knife gift set a burst of versatility. It’s not just great for tasks involving meat, but for paring fruits and vegetables to go on the side. It will be the most used knife in any kitchen!

There’s the Utility/Steak, a classic knife that gets the job done at the dinner table and on the kitchen counter. Its stainless steel blade, hand-sharpened for a razor edge, easily cuts through meats, be it a juicy chicken during preparation or the perfect rib eye steak fresh off the grill.

Giving this carving knife set its name is the Slicer, a knife with a 7” blade that makes it indispensable when it comes time for serious meat cutting. America’s go-to blade for slicing meat since 1948, it will be the star knife when carving a succulent roast, delicious Thanksgiving turkey, or a stunning Christmas ham.

Rounding out the set is the Carving Fork, a 9 ½“ fork that holds meats in place when carving and expertly lift cooked meats, allowing for easy serving. The Carving Fork’s usefulness doesn’t stop at special occasions, as many also use the Carving Fork to turn meat while grilling or frying meat.

These knives come in an appealing case with a form-fitted insert to keep the contents safely in place. The box is so appealing that you might not even feel the need to gift wrap it!

This set makes the best gift for countless occasions; Christmas, Father’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, or just to show you care. Many purchase it as a gift for themselves!

The Prepare Then Carve Gift Set, like all Rada products, is made entirely in the USA. Everything comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you know these knives will last for many years to come!

Watch this video from the Rada Mfg. Co. factory floor to see how the care and skill results in unbeatable products!

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