101 Recipes you will love

Do you have one ingredient that you love but quickly run out of ideas of what to make with it? Then the 101 Recipe series is for you. These pocket-sized cookbooks provide 101 recipes you can make using a common ingredient. The series includes books about Bananas, Ice Cream, Tortillas, Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Soda Pop and Apples.

101 Recipe Ideas

One of our most popular cookbooks out of the 101 Recipes series is the “Apples” cookbook. The cookbook starts out by explaining how to choose an apple. You want to be sure that the apple has a firm texture with a stem that is intact, minimal bruises and worm holes and has an apple-like aroma. After you have selected the perfect apples then you are ready to start cooking.

The easy apple recipes in this book range from an Old Fashioned Apple Pie recipe to Spiced Apple Cookies. There are even apple salad recipe ideas along with main dishes.

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