Veloute Sauce Recipe | Rada Cutlery Kitchen Mother Sauce #2

How to Make Veloute Sauce

A Veloute is as simple as a Bechamel, but with a different base for the sauce. Here we are using some sort of cooking stock, generally a meat one, rather than milk. Ingredients you will need:

Heat up your white cooking stock in a heavy sauce pan. In a separate pan, build up a light roux. Allow the roux to cool slightly before adding to the pan with the cooking stock. 

Heat butter and flour together to make the roux.

Whisk stock and roux together to bring to a gentle simmer. Simmer for 45 minutes to an hour. If the sauce gets too thick, you can add more stock to thin it up. You will know when the sauce is done if it thinly coats a spoon. Strain.

Simmering Veloute stock on the stove top.

Since this is such a basic sauce, you can add a few of your own spices to it if you would like.

Fun Veloute Facts:

  • A Veloute is typically used with lighter meats like chicken and fish.
  • This has a pretty easy pronunciation as well: ve/loo/tay
  • Veloute translates from French into English as “velvety.” This is a description of what the sauce is supposed to be like.

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Cooking Tips Video:

Find extra pointers for cooking a Veloute in this video:


Veloute Video Transcript:

For the second mother sauce we’ll do, we’ll do the veloute. The veloute is made with a chicken stock or light stock instead of milk or cream. We’re going to do the same basics that we did before. We’ve got the flour, butter and chicken stock. Start by making the roux and then we’ll make the sauce. Start by melting the butter down. Add the flour. Now bring our chicken stock over. Add our roux.

Take the Handi-Stir and stir that up, bring that to a boil. This is an ideal sauce for fish. You can add wine after reducing it and it could be a nice sauce you can use for delicate meats. This sauce here, we’re using a light chicken stock, so you could use some seasonings or flavors to it. Mushrooms. Now that it’s boiling, it’s at its thickest point. So you could end up reducing it more to get it thicker. It’s a pretty good consistency.

I would probably take it down further. Season it with bayleaf. There’s many different things you can do with this sauce. Vin de blanc is probably the most popular one.

The veloute is very similar to the béchamel. We used a stock instead of using milk or cream base. Like I said, this one is more for light stock and fish, or you could do chicken supreme. This is number two of the five sauces we’re going to do in these videos. Stay tuned for more.

End of Video Transcript

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