Merry Christmas to You…
and a New Year’s Resolution too!

What did you get for Christmas? Clothes that don’t fit? Home décor that’s just “not you”? Kitchen items that are only so-so?

If you appreciate the thought but are underwhelmed with the gift selection of your well-meaning friends and family, get something for yourself that you’ll really love! (And just maybe you can put a great big “completed” checkmark next to your New Year’s resolution at the same time.)

Pull open your kitchen drawers and take inventory of your knives and utensils. What do you see?

If your cutlery has seen better days, it may be time for an upgrade. Toss out knives that are bent, vegetable peelers that are rusty, and cooking gear you never use; you deserve–yes, DESERVE–better! Something high quality that will last a lifetime.

With Rada Cutlery, you’ll get that and a whole lot more:

1. Super-sharp blades
2. Handle options with the look and feel you want
3. Prices that won’t break the bank

Plus everything is made in the USA AND has a Lifetime Guarantee! 

And if it’s time for a whole new set of knives, look no further. Our beautiful Oak Block comes prefilled with seven of our most popular larger knives and space for six steak or paring knives (sold separately). Our Oak Block Sets are available with silver- or black-handled knives or our newest Anthem Wave handles and are ideal for any kitchen.

Psst… Rada has an awesome replacement for that vegetable peeler you threw out too!

See what others are saying about THEIR Rada knives and utensils:

Katherine G. 

United States United States

Vegetable peeler & knives

I love my peeler and each item I have purchased from Rada. The peeler and the knives are sharp, easy to use, easy peeling and cutting. I will try to purchase any kitchen utensil I need from Rada. I think the prices are reasonable also.

Thomas M. 

United States United States


Very good knives in both quality and value.

Melissa W. 

United States United States

Excellent gift!

I purchased this set as a birthday gift and it was perfect! My friend has several Rada pieces so this oak block set was a wonderful addition to her kitchen. She loved that there were a few extra spaces to place some of the knives she already had in with the new knives. The oak block itself is very beautiful. As always, this is a great Rada product.


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