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Rada Cutlery sells to thousands of Resellers each year. A Reseller or Independent Seller is an individual or small business who buys Rada Cutlery products wholesale from our factory and offers them to their customers. There are a number of different options for reselling Rada Cutlery, including: catalog sales, home parties, fairs, festivals, shows, shops and owner operated stores as well as internet sales.

To begin selling Rada Cutlery as a Reseller, you need to have a sales tax ID. The minimum order is only $75 with no annual sales quotas. The prices are set by you – according to your overhead costs and profit target. The reseller catalog does not include pre-printed prices but rather ovals where you can write in your own prices. Or you may choose to sell from the Rada Home Parties catalog that does include pre-printed prices.

Here are the top three tips to keep in mind when selling Rada products.

1.  Demonstration

Hot Deli Sandwiches with the Rada Stubby Butcher Knife.

When selling Rada Cutlery products, it is always helpful to show the customer how wonderfully the products work. The vegetable peeler, paring knife and the knife sharpener are some of the easiest products to demonstrate. People will be amazed with how easy our Quick Edge Knife Sharpener is to use. You can demonstrate using the Vegetable Peeler and the Regular Paring Knife with carrots, cucumbers or potatoes.

If you are selling any of the Quick Mix products – it also helps to prepare a dip or have a cheese ball available so they can sample the product with crackers, chips or vegetables. The Cheese Knife is another great product to demonstrate to potential customers. It cuts through both hard and soft cheese with ease. You can also serve the cheese you slice to customers.

2.  Display

A Rada Cutlery display for independent sellers.

How you display or present the products is a very important aspect of selling Rada Cutlery as it helps your customers to consider the items they want to add to their kitchen. Whether you are selling from a store, at an event or from a catalog – your product presentation can help your sales efforts.

When selling in a store or at an event, such as a fair or festival, your table display is very important. This will be the first thing a potential customer sees and as the old sayin goes, you only get one chance at a first impression. Rada offers some different display and promotion options to help with your table presentation. We have several different table top display boxes that can hold everything from knives to utensils. We also have a Rada Cutlery banner, table runner and poster to clearly identify what you are selling.

Another promotional option to create interest is the Rada DVD with various videos of Rada Cutlery products in-use. The dvd can be played on a laptop or TV. You will likely find it helpful to use some of these display tools but in the end, this is your business and how you put your own personal touch on your display will be important to your customers.

Even if you are choosing to sell from the Rada Cutlery catalog, you may want to have samples available to show the quality construction. There is a Demonstrator Case available to Resellers. It can be purchased either empty for you to choose which items to feature or pre-loaded with some popular items. The case opens flat on the table to provide an easy way for your customer to view various knives and utensils as they shop.

3.  Know your product

A picture of the Rada Cutlery factory with the American flag in the foreground.

At Rada Cutlery, we have been told over and over that our knives sell themselves. While this is often the case, you still have to be prepared to answer your  customers’ questions about the products and construction.

  • All Rada Cutlery products are 100% Made in the USA!
  • Our factory is located in Waverly, Iowa and we are proud to manufacture, package, process and ship our products to you to offer to your customers.
  • Rada Cutlery knife blades are T420 surgical grade stainless steel and there are two knife handle options – the silver brushed aluminum handle that we have been manufacturing since 1948 and the black stainless steel resin handle that was introduced in 2008.

Our helpful customer service staff will gladly help you learn more about Rada Cutlery products. Please call 1-800-311-9691 if you have any questions.

If you decide to become a Rada Cutlery Reseller, we are confident that you will enjoy working directly with the factory to provide your customers remarkable products that they want to purchase at prices that they will appreciate!

We want you to be successful and have developed our program with that in mind. We ship 99% of our orders out within two working days. Also, as your sales grow you can qualify for Volume Discount pricing.

Visit the Rada Cutlery website to request more information if you want to get started on Independent Selling today! Your packet will include:

  • Rada Cutlery Catalog (empty price ovals)
  • Rada Home Parties Catalog (pre-printed prices)
  • Reselling Made EASY with Rada Mfg. Co. (guide on products, ordering, etc)
  • Order Form with wholesale pricing

It is easy to get started selling Rada Cutlery. Your success will depend on your efforts and ability to connect remarkable Rada Cutlery products with your customers.

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