Give the Gift of Fun

For Years of Entertainment!

Are you looking for a fun gift idea? Well then, why not give the gift of play!?

Rada’s Slime, Gak & Goop book provides not only hours of fun, but YEARS of fun, and it’s filled with dozens of easy-to-follow recipes that’ll get hands dirty and brains working.

Sand Slime, Blubber Flubber, Orange Jiggle, Frosty Crunch, and Scrunchy Floam. Just a bunch of made-up words? An attempt at a tongue twister? Nope! These are some of the hilarious recipe names for the stretchy, squishy, slippery concoctions found in this book.

Fun? Obviously. But Slime, Gak & Goop also sneaks in some science. Learn which ingredients create a bouncier slime, thicker slime, or shinier slime. What happens when you add a little more of this or a little less of that? Experimentation, sensory exploration, a little bit of math, and lots of laughs make this the gift that does it all!

Kids of all ages (and some very cool adults) just can’t get enough of this stuff! There’s a Galaxy Slime recipe listed below so you can get busy creating right now.  And be sure to check out these recommended Rada products that will make your slime-making efforts just a little easier. 

Galaxy Slime Recipe


1 (5 oz.) bottle clear school glue
1 T. water
Food coloring*
Fine glitter*
Up to 4 T. liquid starch


Pour glue into a bowl. Add the water, food coloring, and plenty of glitter and stir it up.

Slowly stir in the starch, a spoonful at a time, until the mess pulls cleanly away from the side of the bowl.

Let it rest for 10 minutes.

Then get in there with your hands and knead that slimy stuff until it’s smooth and oh-so-stretchy.

Store in an airtight container.

*Try different color combinations of food coloring and glitter.

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