How to Make Mini Hamburgers

With spring and summer upon us. it is time to start thinking about family gatherings and parties with friends. If you are hosting a party and are looking for something to grill, try making mini hamburger sliders. It only takes a few moments to create these delicious burgers!

In the video below, Chef Jere demonstrates how to create mini burgers using the Rada Plain Food Chopper. These hamburger sliders will be a big hit at your next party. Do not forget to check out other kitchen utensils offered by Rada Cutlery.

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Hamburger Turnover

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Hamburger Slider Video Transcript:

Today we are using the Rada Food Chopper. This is a pretty neat little utensil. I like to use it to cut biscuits, you can make sugar cookies with it. Dice onions, dice parsley, dice fresh herbs, but a really neat trick I learned to do with this is use it as a burger press. Not too many people know what a burger press is. It is what you use in a restaurant to form a burger to make it uniform so it cooks evenly and it cooks at the same temperature throughout the burger.

What we have here is two pounds of ground beef, it’s an 80/20 blend. If I am grilling hamburgers I want at least twenty percent fat in my ground beef. Reason is it just adds flavor and it doesn’t dry out. You are stirring at a high heat, so you need that fat in there to keep the juices in the burger itself. So I’ve laid that out and I’ve got it in a kind of rectangular form.

I want to get twelve mini burgers or sliders out of this. The first thing I want to do is take a small cooks knife and cut the hamburger in half. Then I am going to cut each half into half. Then cut it into thirds, you do not have to be exact on this just get it close to where it needs to be. Next thing we are going to do is take the burger ring and take a portion out, get it formed. Notice when you make burgers at home this is what you end up with; kind of a flat burger, not uniform.

Make that into a ball and put it into the food chopper and press it in. If you don’t have enough, take a little from the next one, it is pretty uniform so you will pretty much get exactly about two and a quarter; two and a third ounce burger out of it. You pull the ring off and look at that perfect burger you have, look at that mini burger.

It’s going to cook evenly whenever you are grilling to whatever temperature you want it to be. If you want it well-done; it will be juicy throughout. So we are going to get twelve burgers out of that. Again, I like using this for biscuits, cookies, dicing onions. It is real simple and it goes pretty quick. I’m not quite there so I’m going to cheat and take some.

When I am making these, we have actually done a recipe we’re making mini burgers, where you buy dinner rolls from the store. Just the small square dinner rolls, fresh baked dinner rolls. Then I make our Rada Bacon Cheddar Dip Mix and our Chipotle Chili Dip Mix; we use it for toppings on the burgers. It is just a really unique way to serve these burgers. Also, you can use the dip for chips and everything like that. So you have your chips and dip there, but also a topping for the burgers.

You can grill these outside or you can do them in a pan in your kitchen, either way they work really well. You’ve got  your garnishes with pickles and onions, jalapenos. I even like to use our garden salsa mix with these burgers to make Mexican burgers. We are just about there. So serve four to six, if you got hungry people then they can have three or two to three burgers is just about right. There’s our burgers using our food chopper.

End of Hamburger Slider Video Transcript