Across the nation, millions of seniors are served by meal programs. These organizations prepare and deliver nutritious meals to seniors, ensuring improved health and a better quality of life. People across the country rely on senior meals programs to lead a happier, healthier life.

Senior meal programs face numerous expenses, ranging from supplies to transportation. Fortunately, Rada Cutlery is here to help them get the funds they need!

Meals on Wheels Programs

A Meals on Wheels volunteer speaks with a recipient.

The origins of senior meals programs can be traced to the United Kingdom in the early days of World War II. During the Blitz, which saw widespread destruction across the UK, women’s groups delivered meals to those unable to cook due to the destruction of their homes. From this came home delivery of meals to those who couldn’t provide for themselves.

The first home-delivered meals program in the United States began in 1954 Pennsylvania. These programs gradually spread across the nation, becoming a staple in countless communities. Today, one can find a senior meals program nearly anywhere in America, as well as nations such as Canada and the United Kingdom.

Senior Meals Facts

A volunteer delivers a senior a nutritious meal.

Senior meals programs are crucial to a good quality of life for millions of seniors. Here are some facts on seniors serviced by Meals on Wheels, courtesy of Meals on Wheels America:

  • 71% of seniors need Meals on Wheels self-report fair or poor health compared to 26% of average seniors.
  • Nearly twice as many seniors on Meals on Wheels waiting lists report depression and anxiety compared to average seniors.
  • 79% of seniors needing Meals on Wheels indicate that their fear of falling limited their activities compared to 43% of average seniors.
  • 87% of seniors needing Meals on Wheels are physically unable to shop for groceries compared to 23% of average seniors.

The Meals on Wheels Association of America 

A Meals on Wheels logo.

There are numerous senior meal delivery groups across the country. The Meals on Wheels Association of America is the largest and best-known group, with an influence that reaches across the nation, improving the lives of seniors virtually everywhere. Visits from Meals on Wheels programs don’t just ensure that many seniors have nutritious meals, but also friendly contact and safety checks.

Check out these Meals on Wheels statistics for an idea of the profound impact programs such as Meals on Wheels have on the lives of seniors!

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