The School Nutrition Association (SNA) is the go-to organization for helping millions of kids across the nation get low-cost, high-nutrition school meals. Like any organization, occasions arise where a fundraiser is just what the doctor ordered. When that happens, Rada Cutlery is here to help!

What is the School Nutrition Association?

Founded in 1946, the SNA consists of school nutrition professionals who have made it their mission to make certain that American kids get the best possible meals at school. Through advocacy, lobbying, applied expertise, and sound management, the SNA never stops in its quest to see that students have a better chance for good health and academic success. The SNA works with its own members, administrators, experts, and more to accomplish its goals.

With a role in the lives of millions of schoolchildren, the SNA is an important force for good. SNA activities can include education for school food service professionals, attending conferences with industry leaders from across the country, developing guidelines that improve meal quality, research, and many more. Every year, the SNA awards scholarships to members in order to further their education, as well as attend national SNA conferences.

Also, many school nutrition programs raise money for scholarships for graduating students.  Fundraising with Rada Cutlery’s kitchen products seems to be a perfect match for school cooks!

School Nutrition Association Fundraising with Rada!

Whether you’re an SNA member or a belong to another non-profit group or club, Rada Cutlery has the fundraiser for you. Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has partnered with tens of thousands of nonprofit groups each year to launch successful fundraisers. Whether an organization is raising money for trips, scholarships, or any other worthwhile cause, Rada fundraising is the way to go.

Why Fundraise with Rada Cutlery?

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3. Stellar Customer Service – Rada’s customer service staff have been at this for years, and they’re always happy to help make your fundraising experience as smooth as possible.

4. Sell Your Way – Rada offers three ways to fundraise so your group can maximize its potential. Try catalog sales, event sales, online sales, or a combination of the three. Watch as supporters buy Rada from you and the money rolls in!

Cover of the Rada Fundraising Catalog

5. USA-Made Cutlery – Unlike most brands of kitchen products, everything offered by Rada is 100% made in the USA, from design to manufacture.

Our fundraising website has all the information you need to get started with a Rada Cutlery fundraiser!  Just click on the “Request Catalog” button and enter your address in order to receive the free fundraising information packet.

School Meal Facts

A vibrant arrangement of healthy foods at a school cafeteria in Virginia.

1. The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally assisted program that provides meals for schools and child care institutions. It provides meals to students, often at reduced cost or free of charge. During the 2012-2013 school year, 30.7 million kids participated in the NSLP.

2. School meals are required to provide a variety of fruits and vegetables in their meal plans.

3. School meals are different depending on the age of the student. K-5th grade students, 6th – 8th grade students, and 9th – 12th grade students each get different meals.

4. It is required by the NSLP that school lunches must make at least half of the grains whole.

5. Students who eat at school are known to perform better academically and exhibit better behavior than those who don’t, while the nutrition contributes to good health, meaning fewer sick days.