Scholarship funds are growing more and more important to graduates due to the ever-increasing expenses of higher education. Memorial scholarships, on another note, not only aid graduates but help keep the memory of lost loved ones alive.

To help increase the funding of scholarships and memorial scholarships, many benefactors fundraise. No matter what the case, there’s no better way to fundraise for scholarships than Rada Cutlery!

The Fundraiser for your Scholarship

One scholarship fund from Georgia recently contacted Rada Cutlery saying:

“We are a non-profit organization that awards scholarships in memory of my son who was killed in a car accident 4 years ago. Many people have suggested a Rada fundraiser as a means to increase funding for the foundation. We are very interested!”

A church in North Carolina chose Rada Cutlery because they knew it would help their scholarship fund:

“We are a United Methodist Church organization that supports a scholarship program which helps high school graduates further their education.  We started this program in 2006 and has helped send 25 students on to college.  Thank you.”

Another group wanted to raise money for a Family Reunion Scholarship:

“I purchased several knives from an employee a few years ago. I was very pleased with them. Since I recently retired I decided to do a fundraiser for a project for my Family Reunion Scholarship Fund.”

Auxiliary scholarships are very popular. One from Maryland said:

“I am Chairman of the FOE Auxiliary Scholarship Committee and Rada Cutlery has been very successful for us in the past for this purpose.”

Find out more about why so many scholarship fundraisers have chosen Rada Cutlery. We make it easy!

Scholarship Fundraising with Rada Cutlery

Rada Cutlery is a great fundraiser for tons of reasons, but we’ve highlighted the top 5 here:

1. 40% Profit

With Rada Cutlery, your scholarship fund can keep a 40% profit for itself! Imagine where you can take your scholarship with funds like that. Plus, Rada is very easy to sell, ensuring that your profits will soar with your efforts!

2. Quality Products

Rada is known for its lasting quality. Our knives are famous for their aluminum handles and their hand-sharpened, razor-sharp blades. Instead of products such as flowers or chocolate which quickly get used up, Rada products last a lifetime, and people actually need them. Combine that with a great value and you’ll find that supporters will be happy to purchase from you!

3. Made in the USA

Let your supporters know that Rada Cutlery is made 100% in the USA – from raw materials through construction by hardworking American hands. Your supporters won’t only be supporting a good scholarship but an American company as well.

4. Familiarity

Don’t be surprised when your Rada fundraiser is met with many supporters who are familiar with our knives! Rada has been around since 1948 and many supporters will recognize it from family memories and will be eager to buy it.

5. Variety

Rada Cutlery makes a large selection of knives, from paring knives to hunting knives, knife gift sets, and kitchen utensils. Plus, we also offer  stoneware, quick mixes, and cookbooks.  The wide variety of fundraising products makes it easy for everyone to find something they want to purchase to support your cause.

Our fundraising catalog has much more information about Rada products and fundraisers!


Check out the Rada Cutlery EASY guide to learn more about why a Rada fundraiser is what’s best for your group!

Rada's fundraising EASY guide.

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