Tip for Grilling Ribeye Steaks for Sandwiches

One tradition at Rada Mfg. Co. is an employee potluck the Thursday before Memorial Day. This year for the main dish we grilled rib eye steaks to make ribeye Sandwiches. After all, who doesn’t love a ribeye steak sandwich? Below are some ribeye grilling tips to guarantee the best ribeye sandwiches!

After the rib eye grilling tips, don’t miss the section on the 10 Best Foods To Grill list, or the grilling terms reference guide.

Learning how to grill a ribeye steak is the sign of a true grill-master. Follow these steps, and you’ll be perfectly grilling ribeye for steak sandwiches every time!

Tip 1: Thinly Slice Your Steak

The key to a good rib eye sandwich is to thinly slice your steak. This will ensure the steak is easy to bite through.  Your local butcher will gladly do this for you upon request. Make sure to mention you’re using the ribeyes for steak sandwiches, and your butcher will do the rest!

If you forget to request thinly sliced steaks, you can easily slice them yourself at home.

How to slice your steak:
First, you’ll want to lay the steak flat on the cutting board. Take your chef’s knife and make light, smooth strokes horizontally down the middle of the ribeye. Avoid “sawing” the steak. Be sure to cut evenly so that both sides are the same thickness.  Gently continue to cut until the two halves are separate. It’s that easy! Just be sure to work slowly and carefully.

Curled ribeye steak

Tip 2: Cut the edges:

The problem when grilling thinly sliced meat is that the edges tend to curl while cooking, which makes the meat cook unevenly.

Slicing before grilling

The solution is to use a sharp knife and slice through the fatty edge before you place them on the grill. This will keep the steak from curling under and ensure even grilling. The Rada “Old Fashioned” Butcher knife is fabulous for this.

Slicing on the grill

Or, if you miss one during preparation, cut it while it’s cooking on the grill!

Grilling Ribeyes for Potluck

Once you cut the curled edge, the ribeye will lay flat and cook evenly!

Steaks are almost done!

Tip 3: Keep it simple!
We believe a grilled ribeye steak sandwich is best in its simplest form. Simply put a grilled slice of ribeye steak between a toasted bun and serve with your favorite steak sauce! If you’re feeling fancy, sauteed onions and mushrooms make a great addition!


The Best Knife for Cutting Steaks!

Old Fashioned Butcher

The Rada “Old Fashioned” Butcher knife is ideal for splitting, stripping and cutting meat. It also cuts through large fruits and vegetables with a thick rind like watermelon, honeydew, pineapple and cantaloupe. Its hefty 7 3/4″ blade is strong enough to cut through thick cuts of beef yet can delicately slice a turkey. The blade is made from high carbon, surgical quality, stainless steel that has been hand-sharpened to a razor sharp edge. Like all Rada Cutlery products, it’s made in the USA!

The online Rada Kitchen Store has the “Old Fashioned” Butcher knife ready for delivery!

The 10 Best Foods to Grill!

Rada Serrated Steak Knife

#1 Steak! You can’t beat a well-marbled, choice-cut steak sizzling on the grill to start your mouth watering. One of the best steak cuts for grilling is the porterhouse. This cut features a well-marbled strip on one side and a tender fillet on the other, divided by a small t-shaped bone. Farther up the loin is the T-bone steak. You can swap the T-bone for the porterhouse, but if you like more of the tender fillet, stick to the porterhouse.

#2 Hot dogs are the most flavorful when grilled. You can’t beat that crispy, browned coating and extra smokey flavor you get when you grill a hot dog. They don’t use much grill space so you can cook a lot of them at one time. Hot dogs also cook super fast!

#3 Ribs. Everybody has their own marinades, sauces and cooking techniques but I think they all agree that they taste best when barbecued!

Rada Cutlery Turnover

#4 Hamburgers are easy to make, they don’t require any special seasoning (usually just a little salt and pepper), and you make the size and shape you want. Plus, they are healthier than fried hamburgers because the fat drips off the hamburger and into the coals instead of your bloodstream!

#5 Fish. Many people fear grilling fish because it falls apart easy, it sticks, and it can be hard to tell when it’s ready. But once you’ve mastered the art of grilling fish, your taste buds won’t want it any other way. Sticking seems to be the worst problem when grilling fish, so it is best to brush the grill and the fish with oil before grilling. There are also products you can purchase to prevent sticking, such as wood grilling planks, grilling trays, or even foil.

#6 Chicken is the probably the most versatile meat you can cook on the grill. You can grill it with the bones, boneless, or cut into fillets or strips. You can marinade it, season it, or put sauce on it!

Tips all good cooks know

#7 Shrimp. Jumbo shrimp is the best for grilling, or you can put small shrimp on a skewer to keep it from falling through the grate. Shrimp is probably one of the fastest foods to grill, so be sure to keep an eye on them!

#8 Bratwurst. If you have had enough hot dogs, you can always rely on brats. With a variety of flavors and seasonings, you will never get bored with a brat. Oh, and don’t forget the sauerkraut!

Rada Granny Fork

#9 Shish kabobs give you the most options and can be catered to everyone’s taste. Cooks can combine beef, chicken, shrimp and pork or a combination of them all, along with various vegetables. Onions, mushrooms and green peppers are great when stacked next to a chuck of beef. You could even add fruit to your shish kabob, such as a wedge of pineapple next to a strip of chicken.

#10 Vegetables. Cooking vegetables on the grill add a delicious smokiness. You can grill any vegetable you have available. Some of our favorites are sweet banana peppers, asparagus, corn on the cob, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes and portobello mushrooms.

Cooking Directions

Sometimes when following a recipe for the grill the recipe may use a cooking term you may not be familiar with. Keep this reference handy for those questionable directions:

  • Direct Heat – to cook by direct exposure to the heat source
  • In-Direct Heat – to cook by offsetting the heat source from the food
  • Stovetop – place a saute pan or skillet directly on the grate over direct heat
  • Broiler – place items on the grate over direct heat
  • Oven – place items over indirect heat with the lid closed
  • Smoker – place items over indirect heat with the lid closed.  Soaked wood chips can be used on the coals to enhance smoke flavor.

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T-bone steak with Rada seasoning

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