Relay for Life is an event of the American Cancer Society that has brought in billions of dollars for cancer research. In over 20 countries, Relay for Life groups have brought together people from all walks of life to aid in the fight against cancer. Relay efforts work to find cancer cures and treatments, prevent the spread of cancer, and to improve the lives of cancer sufferers and their families.

Fundraising for Relay for Life

Fundraising, even for prestigious groups such as Relay for Life, can be a challenge. That’s why Rada Cutlery has released Relay for Life Fundraising: The Ultimate Guide! This free, comprehensive guide to fundraising for Relay for Life covers all the bases and then some. From getting your fundraiser started to seeing it through to completion, this guide is an invaluable resource for anyone devoted to Relay for Life!

The Best Fundraising Guide

The Relay for Life Fundraiser by Rada Cutlery has all the tips and tricks to host a successful Relay fundraiser!

Rada Cutlery has been in the fundraising business since 1948.  Tens of thousands of groups each year meet and exceed their financial goals by partnering with Rada Cutlery, and we’ve packed this guide with expert advice and know-how that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Ultimate Guide consists of ten chapters, each easy to read and essential to maximizing your group’s fundraising potential.

Chapter 1 – Fundraiser Smarter

The first chapter serves as an introduction, laying out what you can expect from the guide and how it can help your Relay group fundraise smarter.

Chapter 2 – Overview of Relay for Life Fundraising

In this chapter you’ll receive an overview of Relay for Life, its traditions, and its goals.

Chapter 3 – Relay for Life Fundraising Options

This chapter offers dozens of ideas for your Relay for Life fundraiser, from the traditional (garage sales and pancake breakfasts) to the offbeat (a bean bag tournament). There’s an idea here for every type of group!

Chapter 4 – How to Fundraise with Rada Cutlery Kitchen Products

Here, you’ll learn about hosting a Rada Cutlery fundraiser, as well as see a number of Relay/Rada success stories. Rada’s excellent, American-made products and high profits on sales make it the fundraiser to beat!

Chapter 5 – Stages of the Fundraiser

The fundraiser is laid out in this chapter, which breaks the event into seven steps: Selection, Goal Setting and Planning, Promotion, Execution, Ordering, Distribution, and Summary of Profits, Notes for Next Time.

Chapter 6 – Selecting a Fundraising Leader

One of the most important parts of fundraising, this chapter tells you about selecting a group leader, as well as what sort of responsibilities they will be expected to take on.

Chapter 7 – Fundraising Profit Calculations

This section goes over how to calculate your fundraiser’s profit. With a Rada fundraiser, your group will make a 40% profit, making this part a snap.

Chapter 8 – How to Motivate Your Sellers and Supporters for an Amazing Fundraiser!

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to get sellers and supporters enthusiastic about your Relay fundraiser, ensuring a great effort and stellar returns.

Chapter 9 – Promoting Your Fundraiser

Getting the word out about your fundraiser and the good it will do is key, and this chapter tells you how to do so!

Chapter 10 – Go Forth and Do Great Things

Once you’ve made it to this chapter, you’re ready to go! It contains some inspiring words to help you approach your fundraiser with a great attitude and start it on the perfect, optimistic note.

Relay for Life Fundraising with Rada Cutlery

A group of Relay for Life marchers.

Here are a few reasons why a Rada Cutlery fundraiser is your church group’s ticket to success.

  • Each sale nets your group an amazing 40% profit, ensuring your group’s efforts go further.
  • All Rada products are American-made, which appeals to potential supporters.
  • Rada products are useful and priced at an unbeatable value, ensuring broad appeal.
  • Three different fundraising options offer variety and maximize your group’s strengths.
  • Prompt shipping means that products are delivered with exceptional speed.
  • Our helpful customer service is ready to help you every step of the way.

Founded in 1948, Rada Cutlery has been producing America’s finest kitchen products for over 60 years. During that time Rada has partnered with countless groups, including Relay for Life, for fundraisers that give them the money they need to do great deeds. If your Relay group is considering a fundraiser, you must give Rada a look!

View, Download, and Read the Ultimate Guide to Relay Fundraising!

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Rada’s Relay for Life Fundraising: The Ultimate Guide can be read online. Be sure to share it with your fellow Relay volunteers!

Visit Rada’s  website for information on how to get your group started with a Rada fundraiser today!

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