All across America, Rainbow Girls work to grow as leaders while providing invaluable services to their communities. If you’re familiar with Rainbow Girls, then you likely know much of their good deeds and positive impact. If not, then here’s what you need to know!

What Are Rainbow Girls?

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a nonprofit Masonic youth organization that provides leadership training to young women through companionship and service. From ages 11-21, Rainbow Girls grow through a wide array of activities and projects, from community service to public speaking to mentoring others.

The Rainbow Girls website has all the information on their organization you need!

Fundraising for Rainbow Girls

Rainbow Girls strive to do good work, and it shows. From local projects to prominent charities, there’s a lot to be done, and Rainbow Girls do their best to have a positive impact!

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10 Ideas for Community Service Projects

A beautiful public park.

Whether you’re part of the Rainbow Girls, Boy Scouts, or just an altruistic citizen, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your community and the lives of everyone in it. Here are ten suggestions for projects that will make your community a noticeably better place:

  • Beautify a Road – Spend time removing litter and other eyesores from a stretch of road.
  • Blood Drive – Host a blood drive and donate the results to a local hospital or clinic.
  • Care Packages for Troops – Send a care package to a deployed soldier or veteran.
  • Clean a Park – Visit a local park and get it looking its best.
  • Food Drive – Collect food and other supplies to donate to organizations and individuals in need.
  • Paint a Building – Find a building that could use a new coat of paint and make it look great.
  • Bake Sale – Prepare delicious treats and sell them, with proceeds going to charity.
  • Plant Trees  – Find a local public space and, with permission, plant lovely trees.
  • Service for the Elderly – Help local elderly with any chores that could use your assistance.
  • Toy Drive – Collect and bring toys to needy children or to a children’s hospital.