Rada Cutlery Home Party Selling

Rada Cutlery Home Party Selling

Across the country, individual sellers and small businesses offer Rada Cutlery to their customers. Many have found that a great way to offer Rada and make loads of sales is by hosting a Rada Cutlery party! Here we’ve complied a few key tips to make Rada home party a smashing success.

  1. Have Rada products on hand.
  2. Make Food!
  3. Sell Rada products and Make Profit!

Continue reading to learn more about each tip for making your next Rada home party great.

Amazing Products Customers WANT to Buy!

Host a Rada Reseller Party

1. Have Rada Products on Hand

Rada Paring Knife Gift Set

Make sure you’ve got some Rada Knives for your guests to try out when they arrive at the party. You might want to purchase a Rada demonstrator case. This works well for carrying your large selection of knives to and from different parties as well as keeping everything together.


Also, preparing some delicious Rada Quick Mixes as samples will let them know that there is a wide range of them to purchase. You might even serve dishes from Rada Stoneware. Also leave out some Rada cookbooks for guests to page through. Send out attractive invitations through email or standard mail. You could also post a announcements on community bulletin boards. If you let them know there will be food samples, you will be more likely to attract guests! You might also consider using the Rada Reseller Poster:


2. Make Food!

Delicious Maple Frango Recipe Rada Chipotle Dip

You can find many delicious recipes from Rada Cutlery:

Make sure to prepare a variety of things. Have some dips on vand such as the Rada Chipotle Dip.

3. Sell Rada Products and Make Profit!

Rada Display

Have order forms and catalogs ready to go so your guests can place their orders for the Rada items they want! Not only will you make a profit, but you’ll earn free Rada products based on the amount you sell. Learn more about Rada Home Parties, as well as the different samplers and forms we suggest you use.

Become a Rada Cutlery Seller!

The Rada Cutlery logo symbolizes excellence in kitchen products and fundraising.

It’s not just easy to get into the Rada Cutlery business, but profitable!

  1. When you resell Rada products, you have access to the best customer service in the industry
  2. You can proudly tell your customers that your Rada products are 100% American-made.
  3. The quality of Rada’s kitchen products are second to none and are the sort of thing people like to own and receive as gifts.
  4. All of Rada’s knives and kitchen utensils are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, so when your customers get Rada, it’s for life.
  5. You set your own prices to meet local expectations and demand.
  6. Becoming a reseller is easy and hassle-free.

Visit our website to learn how to become a Rada Reseller!

Find a Rada Cutlery Reseller!

When you become a Rada reseller, you can sign up for our helpful Shop Local program! Shop Local is a website that allows Rada fans to search for resellers across the U.S. and Canada. Check out our Shop Local page to see how easy it is for customers to find Rada resellers!

Video Transcripts

Rada Reseller Demonstrator Case Video Transcript:
Hi, Kristi at Rada showing you our booster for resellers, it’s our sales demonstrator case. It’s a durable case. It has handles, so it’s easy to carry from event to event. It has a zipper, and it has 21 varieties of our cutlery and utensils.

It’s a good representation of our line, and they’re held in with velcro. Now this is a filled one. You can get it empty and put in your choice of what you would like to show.

It can lay flat, and it also has a pocket for you to carry your catalogs or any of the order forms you might need. That is a sales booster for you. The filled one is an S17, or the empty one where you can put in your own items is an S17E.

Rada Reseller Poster Video Transcript:
Hi, Kristi with Rada Cutlery, introducing an inexpensive way to advertise your selling of Rada products. This is our poster, it’s 22″ by 17″. It proudly displays the Rada Cutlery logo, the “Made in the USA” logo, and the lifetime guarantee. It’d be great to hang on a table, behind your table, or in the front of a store to advertise that you’re selling Rada products. It’s 22″ by 17″ and the item number is “POS”.

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I want to earn a profit for myself, selling products I believe in.

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