Everyone has a first experience with Rada Cutlery. Most often, they come by Rada’s amazing kitchen products through a fundraiser, or a reseller at a fair, festival, or flea market. Once an individual has discovered the superior quality and unbeatable value of Rada’s wide range of kitchen products, they usually find themselves wanting more! Fortunately, there are multiple ways by which to fill your kitchen with Rada Cutlery!

How to Buy Rada Cutlery Any Time of Year

The Rada Cutlery logo symbolizes excellence in kitchen products and fundraising.

“I buy Rada products from a friend that sells for her church, but they only do it about every three years. I am so hooked on Rada, I’d like to be able to order it any time!” said Vicky, a loyal Rada Cutlery fan. Here at Rada, we often hear from people who first encountered our products through a fundraiser or reseller and who want to buy more whenever they wish.

We encourage Rada Cutlery fans to add to their collection by purchasing from local fundraisers and resellers. That said, there isn’t always a nearby Rada fundraiser or reseller to make this possible. So for anyone who wants to expand their Rada collection, the Rada Kitchen Store is always there!

The Rada Kitchen Store

The Rada Vegetable Peeler easily peels a potato.

The online Rada Kitchen Store is the definitive online source for any and all things Rada. From the comfort of your home you can browse and order products at your leisure. The site offers our entire lineup of products, including our revered cutlery, amazing utensils, phenomenal stoneware pans, and delicious Quick Mixes.

Visit the online Rada Kitchen Store to shop for something you haven’t tried yet, stock up on your favorite items, or get the perfect gift for a loved one. With it, you have 24/7 access to Rada, ensuring you’ll never have to wait long to get the kitchen products you want!

We often hear from Rada fans glad to find our products available online. Here is what one particularly enthusiastic Rada user wrote:

“My parents had one of your paring knives for years. This was many many years ago but I still remember that everyone (including myself) always reached for that knife first and foremost. It lasted forever and I have been looking for the manufacturer to get another one for so long. I eventually gave up, concluding you no longer existed. I really wasn’t even sure where my folks had purchased theirs’, having lived all over the world. Imagine my sheer surprise  and delight when I saw your Facebook ad today. I ordered RIGHT away!! I am so excited to receive these ( I purchased the Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler, and  Tomato Slicer). I am a big foodie and love to find very good knives. Thank you  for still being around and making excellent products. The memories it has invoked in me regarding my parents is PRICELESS!!!”

Here’s a rave from another:

“My family has used these knives for years! Have some of the knives myself and would love to have some more of the kitchen utensils. I just love them. They’re the best knives ever!”

The Rada Kitchen Store Catalog

Holiday Cherry Cake

Online or in your hands, the Rada Kitchen Store catalog is another way to browse and order all that Rada has to offer! The catalog features our lineup presented in a visually appealing layout that makes looking through it a pleasant experience. Give the catalog a look through the online link above, or have one delivered to your door!

Visit our site to request a free Rada Kitchen Store catalog!

American-Made Knives!

Rada Factory with American Flag

Rada Cutlery has been producing America’s best kitchen knives and utensils since 1948. Based out of Waverly, Iowa in the heart of the American Midwest, Rada makes everything they offer entirely in the USA. From design to manufacture, your favorite Rada products are the work of American employees, who put their unmatched skill into each and every item. We stand behind what we offer, and offer a Lifetime Guarantee with our cutlery and utensils. When you buy Rada, you don’t just buy American, you buy for life!

Check out this video to learn more about what makes Rada Cutlery so remarkable!

Shop Local for Rada Cutlery Products!

The Rada Super-Sized Pare and Peel Gift Set is a wonderful present for friends and family!

Have you checked to see if there’s a Rada reseller near you? If you’re not sure, we’re here to help!! Our Shop Local site ensures that you can easily locate the nearest Rada Cutlery reseller. Who knows, they might just be around the block!

To find the Rada independent reseller nearest you, simply visit our Shop Local website and search your area. You can input the information or click on the convenient map to find the nearest place to get incredible Rada products for yourself and others. It’s that easy! The site is frequently updated, so be sure to periodically check back to see if a new reseller has entered your area.

Click here to visit the Rada Shop Local page!