Thousands of schools, churches, teams and other organizations choose Rada Cutlery as their fundraiser each year. Below are ten ways your non-profit group can benefit by fundraising with Rada Mfg. Co. too:

  1. 40% Profit – Your group will make 40% profit selling Rada Cutlery products.
  2. USA Kitchen Products – Rada Cutlery products are 100% Made in the USA – materials and workmanship. Rada Mfg. Co. is located in Waverly, Iowa.
  3. “Sells Itself” – Fundraisers often say that Rada Cutlery sells itself. You will find that many of your customers recognize Rada Cutlery products and know their reputation for quality and value.
  4. Useful Items – Your supporters will appreciate being able to support your cause by purchasing useful items at remarkable prices.
  5. Best Value – Rada Mfg. Co.’s mission is to “provide our customers with the BEST VALUE in kitchen knives and utensils for their dollar.” Your group works directly with the manufacturer.
  6. Wide Selection – Your customers will find items that they want and need from the wide fundraising products available – kitchen cutlery, utensils, stoneware, cookbooks, and quick mixes.
  7. Re-Orders – Many groups take orders two, three or more times during the year. Early fall fundraisers can offer re-orders for holiday gifts. The minimum order is only $20.
  8. Experience – Rada Mfg. Co. has been helping groups fundraise since 1948. Each year we help about 19,000 non-profits raise money for their causes!
  9. EASY System – The fundraising system is easy for volunteers to use.
  10. Customer Service – Phones are answered at our factory by our employees. 99% of all orders ship within 2 working days. We understand that our success depends on your success!

The list above is on the cover of our 2012-13 Rada Cutlery Fund Raising Overview booklet and is sent along with catalogs, order takers and the order form to fundraising groups when they request information. Below is a quick summary of the content covered:

Section 1 – Selling– Information of the three fundraising options: 1) Catalog Sales, 2) Event Sales and 3) Internet Fundraising. The majority of fundraisers choose to sell using the catalog system but there are also many groups who successfully sell at bazaars, craft sales, festivals and celebrations. The internet fundraising is a good tool to reach close friends and family who live outside the area.

Rada Cutlery Fundraising Best Sellers – Regular Paring, Tomato Slicer & Vegetable Peeler

Section 2 – Ordering – Provides the options for placing orders, including: phone, mail, fax and web ordering. It also details the option for Simple Sorting for $1,000 Orders (money collected). This free service features packaging orders by salesperson to make it easy to distribute and includes a printout detailing what each volunteer sold and the profit (leader receives a profit summary).

Section 3 – Selling Materials – Showcases the tools available to fundraisers including catalogs, order takers, posters, sampling pack, etc.

Section 4 – Products & Profits – Shares examples of specific products from all categories with the non-profit group cost, the sell price and the profit. Your group will average 40% profit.

An online version of the Fund Raising Overview guide can be viewed at or by check out Rada’s EASY guide.

Please call our helpful customer service at 800-311-9691 to request catalogs or to ask any questions!