Becky knows a thing a two about Rada Cutlery.

“I’ve been using them since I was born,” she said, and that’s no exaggeration. Becky was introduced to Rada Cutlery by her mother, who has been a customer practically since Rada’s 1948 founding. “I can’t remember not having a Rada knife in my kitchen.”

“I’ve had all types and sizes of Rada knives over the years,” Becky said. “My mother swore by them. I got some when I was married and I’ve always had Rada knives ever since.”

It’s a tradition that continues to this day, as Becky has given her daughter a number of Rada knives.

“I’ve passed it on to my daughter,” she said, “and even more than that. My son-in-law needed a knife sharp enough to cut a chicken, so I went out and got him one.”

Becky even sent us a picture featuring her daughter Lindsey, her mother Mildred, and herself, each holding one of their favorite Rada knives. Three generations of women, each with their own Rada knives!

Recently, Becky had the chance to put her favorite Rada knife to public use.

“I’m part of a Facebook group on cooking,” she said, “and the subject turned to cutting up a chicken. A lot of people posted that they could only get eight pieces out of a chicken, but I get eleven. So I decided that I wanted to show them the Southern style of cutting a chicken.”

Becky wasted no time in setting up a camera, hitting record, and cutting a chicken. Becky posted her video, where she uses her Rada Slicer to expertly cut the chicken into eleven perfect pieces.

With Rada Cutlery products in the hands of three generations of Becky’s family, it’s a safe bet that they will continue on for years to come. Becky, for her part, is just glad to have knives she can use with confidence.

“You can’t improve on such a perfect product,” Becky said. “I’ve never gone without them and I never will.”

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The Best Slicer Knife!

Rada's classic Slicer knife has an array of appealing features.

Rada Cutlery’s classic Slicer knife has been one of the best knives in America since 1948! It’s Becky’s very favorite, and the one she uses to perfectly cut a chicken in the video above.

The Slicer is one of Rada’s three original products, a large knife that easily cuts meats, fruits, vegetables, and more. It’s especially useful on large foods that need a bigger knife for easy cutting, a fact to which Becky and countless other users can attest. The Rada Slicer comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, and is made in the USA!

The Rada Slicer is available for purchase at the online Rada Kitchen Store!

Southern-Style Chicken Cutting Video Transcript

You asked for it, you’re gonna get it, this is the way you cut up a chicken, Southern style, the way my mama taught me. It’s gonna go fast because I don’t want to make it long and drawn out, I’m not going to go through the safety precautions, you guys know better.

This is the knife that I love. Rada Cutlery. Can’t go wrong. They’ve been around since I was born. If they break, chip, whatever, send them back to the company and they’ll send you a brand-new one. Don’t put it in a dishwasher, hand wash it, put it back in this sleeve, good for life. Here we go.

First thing you’re gonna do is wash the chicken really good. All the giblets are gone. Cut this. There’s a wing. Pull that other wing up and cut it like that. Just like that. Now, if you want wingettes, you can cut them right here, but I don’t.

Take your legs. Hold them just like this, right here. When you cut that skin it’s going to come open some more. Take that here, go down, find a joint, come around, bend it like that, you’ll have a little indentation right here. Cut it just like that. Cut it underneath and up, there’s your two pieces. Do the other one, same way. Take your skin just like that, find the joint, cut it up, do it just like that, two more pieces. Alright.

Let me show you something. This is the breast. You want to know where the pulley bone comes from. You go back here. This chicken is awful fat. Anyway, you come back here, you start at an angle. You’re going to come down and you’re going to cut at an angle just like that. It’s going to pop loose. There’s your pulley bone. Sorry about that. There’s your pulley bone. Pull that nasty skin off. We always skinned our chicken where we grew up. That’s nothing but white meat, folks. That is the best of the whole chicken.

Alright, at this point, you’re going to flip it over. Right in here, you’re going to feel a bone. You’re going to go down that bone just like that. Feel for that bone, you’re going to go down. When you get it to this point, you’re going to take it here, and you’re going to pull it open. There you go.

This right here, this piece, there’s your ribs, and there’s your back. It’s your mama’s favorite piece. We did not throw these things away. We cut these things just like right here. Cut all this old fat off the hole, whatever you want to call that. You’re going to want to eat this. Put these pieces over here for broth or something.

Here’s your breast. These breasts are awful fat. Go right down the middle and right down the side of her. You’re going to have to cut through some bone. There’s your two breasts, they’re awful fat. If I was cooking, when I was cooking this chicken, I’m going to cut this breast again.

So here you go. Two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, pulley bone, eleven. Thank you very much!

End of Video Transcript