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When shopping for cutlery or other products for your kitchen you want a product that will last. All of Rada Cutlery’s knives are made from a high carbon steel that is durable but not too hard that the knife will chip or break. We also offer the Quick Edge Knife Sharpener with specially hardened steel wheels. Over time if your Rada knives become dull this sharpener will have them like new in a matter of seconds!

All of Rada Cutlery’s products come with a lifetime guarantee because we are that confident with our products and want to provide our customers with the best possible service. Rada Cutlery only offer products that are completely Made in the USA. Our knives are manufactured, processed and shipped from our one location in Waverly, Iowa.

Below are some comments from our customers and what they had to say about the quality and durability of Rada products.

“I am still using a set I bought 15 years ago and I love them.” Elkin, North Carolina

“My grandmother used to sell this cutlery when I was a little girl. I still have most of her pieces and love the product. I discovered the name when at a craft show. Would love to sell these at our store!” Apex, North Carolina

“Love the knives… Very good quality!!! Would recommend to everybody!!!!” Travelers Rest, South Carolina

“I’ve been using your products for over 7 years and I love them!!!” Fort Collins, Colorado

“I have 3 of your knives that a friend gave me and love them – I’ve had them for about 5 years and they are as sharp as the first day I got them.  Want to add to my collection so am requesting your catalogue.” Kearney, Missouri

“I have been using your knives for over 20 years and I love them. They are the best around, and one thing I really like is the MADE IN THE USA factor. I may want to try and sell later, but for now I would love a catalog. Thank You for such a great products.” Nelson, Virginia

“I purchased several of your knives through a fundraiser.  I love them, they are still as sharp as the day I got them. I want to add to them with a variety of other cutlery.” Mason City, Iowa

“I am interested in selling your products, although they do sell themselves. I was introduced to Rada years ago and I LOVE your knives. My original knives are still sharp and I love that you have a knife for every job. Rada is great!” Covington, Tennessee

“I have been using Rada knives for years and absolutely love everything I own that’s Rada.  Rada is my utensil of choice!  Much better quality than ‘Pampered Chef.’” Auburn, Kentucky

“I have had a set of these knives since I was married in 1982. They are still going strong. I love them. I want to give as gifts.” Palmyra, Virginia

Are you impressed with the quality of Rada Cutlery’s knives or have a story you would like to share? Leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.

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Rada Cutlery is 100% American Made – raw materials and construction. Rada Mfg. Co. has made and sold over 132,000,000 knives since 1948, earning the reputation for remarkable cutlery, service, and value.

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For nearly 70 years, Rada Cutlery has been the partner of choice for nonprofit groups across America! Groups that fundraise with Rada can offer supporters Rada’s vast lineup of unbeatable kitchen products, with each sale earning an incredible 40% profit. And starting a Rada Cutlery fundraiser is easy!

  1. Request your free information packet. This will go into further detail and provide all the information you need.
  2. Order your fundraising materials. Depending on what kind of sales methods you are using, this could mean you are shipped catalogs, products, or both.
  3. Start your fundraiser. Let everyone know you’re fundraising with Rada Cutlery. Many know the Rada name and will jump at the chance to support your efforts.
  4. Submit your total order. Tally everything up and send it in. For sales over $1000, we have a convenient simple sorted order system to make the process a snap.
  5. Receive and distribute products. They’ll ship within two days, and then you can give your supporters what they ordered.

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