It’s a time every high schooler looks forward to, a time that’s quickly approaching: Prom.

Elaborate decorations create the magic and excitement of the annual event, paving the way for those walking through the grand march. Couples and friends join together on the dance floor to the sounds of a DJ playing their favorite songs. After the dance, many schools put on an After Prom for their students equipped with fun activities, entertainment, and even prizes that include everything from movie and concert tickets to TV’s and microwaves.

However fun and exciting this high school rite of passage may be, it is also very expensive. To help offset the costs of prom every year, high schools recruit their students to fundraise.

An especially popular option for juniors and seniors to take on is selling Rada Cutlery. Here are some reasons why Rada Cutlery is an ideal fundraiser to help out with your prom and after prom costs since Prom 2013 is just around the corner:

1. 40% Profit – Of your overall sales, you keep 40% to benefit your prom or after prom!
2. Rada Cutlery products are genuine and 100% Made in the USA  – manufacturing and raw materials.
3. Useful Items everyone needs and can enjoy at Prices Everyone Can Afford.
4. A Wide Selection of Products: Not only does Rada Cutlery sell remarkable kitchen knives, but we also offer stonewarequick mixes that include dips and soups, and incredible cookbooks suited for everyone.
5. Excellent Customer Service located on premise as well web ordering available 24/7.
6. An Easy System for selling, ordering and receiving your order.

High school students will have no trouble selling Rada Cutlery. We hear over and over again from customers that our products sell themselves! Don’t be surprised to find that many of your supporters will know about Rada Cutlery’s reputation and the value of our products.

Sellers had this to say about fundraising with Rada Cutlery:

We sold your product a few years ago and enjoyed selling it and made some money on it. It’s easy and it sells itself because of the quality.
-Franklinville, NC

We’ve ordered from your company several times and have people asking for more knives!!  Love your product.
-Gaylesville, AL

We’ve used Rada products for very successful fundraisers for the past several years and have many very satisified repeat customers.
-Brunswick, MO

Tips for Students Who Fundraise:

1. Ask family members, neighbors, friends and members of your church: they will be eager to support you!

2. Set a goal: motivation encourages students to work toward raising the adequate funds needed. Some schools will also offer a prize to the top seller.

3. Find out which option works best for you: Rada Cutlery offers the options to sell online, sell through catalogs, or sell from inventory at events and businesses.

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